Alabama Abortion Ban


Alabama is not trying to ban all abortions in their state. They’re trying to ban them nationwide.

Just in case the restrictive, extreme, and unconstitutional efforts currently underway in Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, and the four other states attacking abortion rights don’t push the issue fast enough to the Supreme Court (now, with even more fucknuts), the Alabama abortion ban will surely fast track it.

Make no mistake about it. Conservatives are always inventing ways to deny access to women’s health in their states, but what they’d doing today, from giving timelines to outright bans is only going on now because of Donald Trump’s two new SCOTUS appointees. Now you know why Republicans sacrificed all their principles and former positions to steal a seat from President Obama.

The new law in Alabama, signed late yesterday afternoon by their governor, doesn’t even make exceptions in the case of rape and incest. If a woman pursues an abortion out of state, somehow, Alabama intends to track her down and throw her in prison.

There is a reason Alabama is one of the least-educated states in the nation. Educated people tend to be more enlightened. Don’t look for enlightenment from the majority in Alabama. Enlightened people don’t grant more rights to rapists than to their victims.

And to my niece and her two daughters, who I dedicate this cartoon to, GTFO.

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  1. “And to my niece and her two daughters, who I dedicate this cartoon to, GTFO.”

    I’m guessing your niece and/or her husband work for NASA in the area around Huntsville, which is the ONLY valid reason for Intelligent People to reside in Talibama.

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  2. The Governor’s signing statement said that “This legislation stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians’ deeply held belief that every life is precious and that every life is a sacred gift from God.”

    That don’t mean we want to tax ourselves another penny to spend anything on education, health care, decent roads, libraries, or any of that liberal bullshit for any of them precious lives, though. And don’t get us started on food stamps and shit. We’re in America’s permanent cellar along with Louisiana and Mississippi, and we LIKE it that way, Goddammit!

    And, as Jim Wright said on his blog, “Tell them we just started bombing a bunch of pregnant women, kids, babies, etc. in Iran. You’ll see just how ‘deep’ their belief is in this supposed ‘sacred gift’ from their miserable god.”

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