Jared Does Immigration


There are some places where some people don’t belong. We need serious reforms to keep them out and to make sure the likes of them never get in and pose a danger to the rest of us ever again. Of course, I’m talking about Jared Kushner in the White House. What the hell is he doing there?

How does being born rich, inheriting money, losing money in New York real estate make you qualified to work on such things as foreign policy, Mideast peace, immigration, and whatever the hell else Jared is up to. Sticking your business in the president’s daughter doesn’t make one qualified to stick their business in government policy.

The cruelty, heartlessness, and racism of Donald Trump’s administration is compounded by inexperience, stupidity, and nepotism. Because he’s unqualified and doesn’t have any idea what he’s doing, Trump believes it’s perfectly fine to put similarly unqualified and stupid people into federal positions, like Rick Perry, Betsy DeVos, Ben Carson, and his stupid daughter and son-in-law.

Kushy has been put in charge of Middle East peace with the idea that the problem this entire time is that qualified and experienced people have been trying to solve the crisis. His other qualification, once cited by Trump, is that he’s Jewish. If only we’ve had Jews negotiating Middle East peace in the past.

Jared is also working on our relationship and business deals with Saudi Arabia. Now, going to war with Iran has probably been plotted out between Jared and a guy who orders murdering journalists, through an encrypted app on their iPhones.

The boy blunder has also been put in charge of immigration reform and creating something with more nuance than “Build The Wall.” He presented an outline to Republican senators, with each wondering, “Why is he here?”

The first part of Jared’s plan is to eliminate people coming into this country based upon their family connections. Seriously. Jared Kushner…who is in the White House because he married the president’s daughter has designed a plan to prevent people from entering the nation based on their family connections. Think about it. Cognitive dissonance much? Never mind the fact that Melania Trump (in case you’ve forgotten, an immigrant married to the president, his second immigrant wife) was able to get her parents into this nation based upon her citizenship. Again, think about it.

The other part of Jared’s plan is merit-based where the administration only wants to accept applications who are highly educated, skilled, wealthy, and white. Basically, they’re just copying the application for becoming a member of Mar-a-Lago.

The administration also want immigrants to take a civics test and apparently, someone in the Trump regime looked up the definition of civics. In case you’re a Republican, that’s the study of citizenship and how government works, like knowing how many branches make up the federal government. In case you’re a Trump cultist, the answer is three. You’re homework is to name them.

Senators were not impressed with Jared’s proposal which he presented in a private meeting along with White House goose-stepper and hair-in-a-can advocate Stephen Miller. Reportedly, Kushy was unable to answer many of their questions and was constantly interrupted by Miller. Senators felt Kushner didn’t understand the issue. Case in point; DACA is not included. One anonymous source told The Washington Post, “He’s in his own little world.” It’s like one of those pre-school toy steering wheels and the toddler thinks he’s actually driving a car, except in this case, the toddler is stupid and corrupt.

Kushner’s little world is taking a crap on the real one. It’s like the pros in the major leagues have gone on strike and they were replaced with scabs from other sports. Very corrupt scabs.

Nepotism is no way to conduct government business. Unfortunately, Donald Trump isn’t related to anyone qualified or intelligent (have you seen Don Jr and Eric?). The problem with stupid people is that they don’t know they’re stupid…like how dead people don’t know they’re dead. It’s stupid of Jared to present an immigration plan that Republicans and Democrats both hate. It was stupid of Donald Trump to put him in charge of anything more complicated than figuring out how Grub Hub works (I’m working on it). It was stupid of anyone to vote for Donald Trump on the belief that “Only he could fix it.” This deal is stupid and dead, and Jared doesn’t know it.

We need to stop putting stupid, unqualified, and racist people in government positions. By that, I mean we need to stop voting for them.

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  1. “The other part of Jared’s plan is merit-based where the administration only wants to accept applications who are highly educated, skilled, wealthy, and white. Basically, they’re just copying the application for becoming a member of Mar-a-Lago.”

    But they definitely are NOT copying the application for becoming an EMPLOYEE of Mar-a-Lago.

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    1. No, for employees the farther down the chart the better, and they just love undocumented employees, because they can tell them to clock off and then work another 20 hours a week or more for no pay, and who are they gong to complain to?

      Liked by 3 people

  2. Yahu sleeps in this kid’s bed…he has Israeli/US citizenship…they kill Palestinians every day…why are you letting him set immigration policy?….we might as well scrap the constitution….AND WHY DOES WORDPRESS ASK FOR LOGIN INFO EVERY TIME I POST A COMMENT?….I CHECKED THE SAVE PASSWORD BOX

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  3. If I have to go thru the WordPress password .torture game one more time, I’m deleting the account….I’m not playing that game anymore


    1. I’m sorry. I don’t get it either. I’m annoyed that half the time, WordPress requires me to approve comments. I don’t want to have to approve any. Let them all fine. Don’t leaver me, Sotomayor.

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  4. >>Now, going to war with Iran has probably been plotted out between Jared and a guy who orders murdering journalists…

    before providing the ‘intelligence’ that convinced a war-loving National Security Advisor and absent-minded President to send a carrier group to the Persian Gulf. Brilliant.

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  5. This is brilliant work. I really enjoy your commentary as you draw on your video. I also draw, among a bunch of other things. I do quite a lot of “comics journalism,” like interviews and reviews. I’ll be back.


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