Lock Who Up?


Donald Trump received help from the Russian government to win the presidency. He never turned it down or spoke out against it. He hid then lied about the details of Russia’s involvement. He attempted to secure a deal to build a hotel in Moscow during the campaign and lied about that. He’s spent the past two years giving deference to Vladimir Putin and denying Russian interference. He’s fired people for investigating his campaign’s involvement and has obstructed justice at every turn. He made an illegal campaign payment in the form of hush money to a porn star he slept with, which became public because of her lawyer, Michael Avenatti. So, who gets arrested three days after Robert Mueller turns in his report? Michael Avenatti.

The day after Donald Trump gives a rant about punishing his enemies who pursued his connections with Russia, Avenatti gets indicted in New York and Los Angeles within minutes of each other. He’s accused of attempting to extort tens of millions of dollars from Nike, and in L.A., he’s accused of misusing client’s funds and lying about his income to obtain millions of dollars in loans from a bank. Gee, who else has lied about their income to acquire loans from banks?

While Avenatti’s situation doesn’t have anything to do with the Russia investigation, it sure is a funky coincidence in timing.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that you couldn’t go 20 minutes without seeing Michael Avenatti. He was on TV more than Shaquille O’Neal. The guy must have been renting a place between Time Warner Center and 30 Rock. There were times he was on multiple news networks, often within the same hour, defending his client Stormy Daniels who claims to have slept with Donald Trump and was then paid weeks before the election by Michael Cohen to keep quiet about it.

Daniels fired Avenatti after her nondisclosure lawsuit was dismissed and a court threw out her defamation suit and ordered her to pay Trump $300,000. Daniels claims Avenatti filed the defamation suit and created a crowdfunding site for her legal defense without telling her.

During that same month, he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, which prosecutors declined to charge, and his law firm lost an appeal and was evicted for failing to pay more than $200,000 in rent.

During the Kavanaugh hearings, he represented a client who accused the judge of sexual assault but wouldn’t allow the media to corroborate her account. After Kavanaugh was confirmed, Democrats accused Avenatti of undermining more credible accusers in order for him to gain more media exposure. On top of all that, he was exploring a presidential bid as a Democrat.

It seems from all his shenanigans, he should run as a Republican.

Democrats are not going to miss or cry for Michael Avenatti, but they were hoping news of indictments would be landing on a different corrupt individual who’s starved for media attention. Avenatti is useless to them.

Democrats were hoping for steak and lobster and instead, they get the drive-thru at Arby’s.

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  1. There are no “coincidences” really…

    No tears for Avenatti here, but he’s just the first of many who will be in line for such “:coincidences.”

    … and folks like Lindsey Graham are sharpening the knives.

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  2. “Democrats were hoping for steak and lobster and instead, they get the drive-thru at Arby’s.”

    In light of 45*’s Fundamentalist Evangelical ‘Christian’ supporters, I think that the drive-thru at Chick-Fil-A would be more appropriate. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. When the AG, appointed by trump, is in charge of determining what information the public sees about the Mueller Report our system of checks and balances has failed us as a nation.

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    1. When the Majority Leader of the Senate refuses to allow bills to be considered unless he knows the President approves of them, our system of checks and balances has failed us. When the previous Majority Leader of the Senate initiated a rule (still in effect, I believe) that a bill would not be considered unless a majority of the majority party approved of it, our system of checks and balances was in trouble.

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