Exoneration Hoax


The one thing we can expect from Donald Trump now that Robert Mueller has let him off the hook is he’s going to be an even bigger asshole.

Instead of taking the higher ground, saying something humble or even somewhat unifying like “the system works,” Trump continued lying, calling for revenge, and being divisive. He screamed he was exonerated when he wasn’t. He’s calling for an investigation into the other side, even though there’s nothing out there to suggest Democrats ever did anything illegal. He called the investigation “an illegal takedown that failed: and whined that it was allowed to happen to “your president.”

We haven’t seen an escape from justice this big since O.J.

But, there are reasons Donald Trump continues to defend Vladimir Putin, burn notes from his closed-door meetings with him, fails to acknowledge Russia interfered in our election, and is the only president in the modern era who’s refused to release his taxes while also refusing to dissolve himself from his businesses. It’s because he’s hiding something.

While the Mueller Report, according to the Barr Summary says there’s no evidence of collusion with Russia, there is evidence of collusion. How is Trump publicly asking Russia for help not evidence, or Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner meeting with Russians, or Jared trying to set up a back channel with Russia, or Manafort giving Russia internal campaign polling, or sixteen campaign officials having contact with Russia, or Roger Stone in contact with Wikileaks, etc, etc? The Trump team attempted to hide and lied about each of these details. Why would Trump release a statement lying about the context of the Trump Tower meeting? What are you hiding when there’s nothing to hide?

When it comes to obstruction, Mueller handed that to Barr to make the determination. William Barr auditioned for the AG job by writing a public memo against obstruction, so of course, he ruled against it.

They argue you can’t obstruct if there’s not a crime, but maybe you can’t find the crime because they’re obstructing.

Putting aside the Mueller investigation, there are still questions about Trump’s corruption. There are his years of shady taxes, selling condos to Saudis, the missing money from the inauguration, emoluments, stealing from charity, loans from Deutsche Bank, hush payments to porn stars, and the Moscow Project. On top of all that, why does Jared Kushner have a secret security clearance when he’s involved financially with Saudi Arabia and other foreign governments, and lied about his contacts with Russia? These people are about as clean as a Baptist preacher in a Tijuana whorehouse.

Like me, you’re tired of watching shitweasels win unfairly. You’re tired from watching Trump with Russia’s help, steal an election. You’re tired of watching him give himself, his kids, and his rich buddies mega tax cuts. You’re tired of watching them steal a Supreme Court seat and then change the rules to install an accused sex offender. You’re tired of Trump appointees ruling in favor of Trump. You’re tired of watching Democrats resign from accusations of sexual offenses while Trump remains in office. At this point, the Supreme Court is going to give Trump all the money he wants for a border wall and he’ll start a new company called Trump Racist Border Walls Construction, and award himself the contract.

People are arguing that Democrats need to move on from the Russia investigation, while Trump refuses to move on. We’re worried that Democrats will overplay it while Trump gets away with overplaying it. We’re tired of Trump being allowed to play by different rules.

There are two undeniable truths which Republicans still fail to acknowledge; Russia interfered in our election and Donald Trump is corrupt. Just because Robert Mueller got tired and couldn’t finish the job, doesn’t mean we should give up, no matter how tired we are of Trump, his administration, and all of stupid, racist, ignorant, lying supporters.

Mueller didn’t finish the job. We will because we have to.

Be Complicit

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  1. Just what are you saying anyway? That Democrats are immuned from any wrongdoings and it is only Republican President Donald Trump who has done everything criminal? What Democrat President has no skeletons in his closet?


  2. I’m totally disgusted. You might’ve drawn trump with just his middle finger pointing at us, Clay. 🌈🦋🦜

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  3. I wonder if Mueller left the Obstruction question up to Barr on purpose in order to set a trap for the AG. Mueller is nothing if not a by-the-book investigator and this move of letting the AG field the question instead of the Special council is not something the DoJ normally did before. It just seems like an odd move to me, but I don’t know that we will find out for a long time.

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