Mueller’s Baby


This is a good day for Donald Trump and his supporters. Not because he’s innocent, or there was no collusion or obstruction, or that he’s been exonerated. It’s a good day because they will win the spin.

Already, they’re lying about what the Mueller Report says. They’re claiming exoneration when the report is clear he hasn’t been exonerated.

What makes me feel more dejected than the Republican spin is that the nation will now be too tired to hold Trump accountable for anything. Being tired is no reason to give up fighting for your nation.

Here are facts; The decision not to pursue charges of obstruction was made by William Barr, Trump’s AG appointee who has made statements against the investigation. Russia stole from the DNC and the Clinton campaign. Russia offered help to Trump. Trump asked them for their help. Trump’s team hosted Russians in Trump Tower with Donald Jr. saying, “I love it” when asked if he’d see what dirt they had on Clinton. At least 16 people in the Trump campaign met with Russians. Paul Manafort shared internal campaign polling with people connected to Russia. Donald Trump committed campaign fraud, has cheated on his taxes and stolen from charities. There are still at least 16 other investigations into Trump corruption. Trump was trying to work a deal with Russia during the campaign and lied about it. Trump was trying to bribe Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump is corrupt and he’s a moron.

One other fact; There will not be an impeachment. The only way to get rid of Trump now is to defeat him in 2020. No matter what is found on Trump, there will be no movement from Republicans for oversight or doing what’s responsible and best for the nation.

Today is a good day for Donald Trump. Today is a bad day for America.

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  1. I think Mueller is playing a longer game then anyone realizes. His special council had farmed out many leads/indictments to other districts such as SDNY (Manhattan), EDNY (Brooklyn), EDVA (Virginia), US Attorney’s Offices (Los Angeles, Washington D.C.), etc. and they are actively running investigations of their own right now. There’s at least twelve sealed indictments we know about that Mueller’s team filed. Those are waiting to to be opened (and might be opened soon by the above offices). My theory is that Mueller purposely handed off his work to others because if he oversaw any investigation of Trump or his children, he would have been removed by Barr. Mueller instead has ensured that the investigation into the president cannot be stopped now.

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  2. Not good. Demos should at least try to get him on obstruction. Could be trump got someone to really hide/destroy the evidence on collusion. Scumbag trump. Vote trump out in 2020. AND ALL GOP AT ALL LEVELS OF POLITICAL OFFICE. Local. State. National. BETWEEN NOW AND NOV. 2020.
    America will not become a full-out fascist state and everything that trump has enacted will be overturned with extreme prejudice in 2021.

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