Mueller Christmas


Last night, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin told Anderson Cooper, “Today’s the first day I actually thought Donald Trump might not finish his term in office.”

There has been a lot of speculation from people who dislike Trump that he wouldn’t finish his first term. You heard that before the inauguration. But, knowing just how difficult it is to remove an elected president, most legal analysts were skeptical. We’ve impeached two presidents and neither was removed from office.

Toobin laid out “preposterous” positions that Trump and his supporters now have to weave. They have to believe Trump lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen negotiated a deal with Russia for six months without telling Trump, that Trump and Roger Stone never discussed WikiLeaks, and that Don Jr. never talked to his father about the Trump Tower meeting with Kremlin-linked Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The same people who will believe each of those positions also believed Trump when he said he wasn’t aware of any payoffs to porn stars before a tape recorded by Cohen revealed Trump was in the discussions on paying off porn stars.

Cohen has reached a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and what he’s revealing is enough to make the leader of a nation want to run and hide in South America. Argentina has history with hiding Nazis with Russian troubles.

Cohen is revealing that he lied to Congress to protect Trump and be consistent with his message. He now says Trump directed his initial financial crimes.

We learned that Trump’s liaison Felix Sater invited Cohen to attend an economic forum with Vladimir Putin’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov to negotiate building a Trump Tower in Moscow during the 2016 presidential campaign. Cohen now refutes Trump’s often-repeated claim that he had nothing to do with Russia as he sought the White House. Shortly after Cohen’s court appearance, federal agents raided the office of Trump’s tax lawyer.

Perhaps juiciest of all is a report from Buzzfeed that Trump tried to bribe Putin by offering to gift him the $50 million penthouse in the proposed Trump Tower. It is not normal for a presidential candidate to conduct business deals with a hostile government. It’s even more bizarre for a candidate to attempt to bribe a foreign leader. Where is the president’s loyalty if he’s in a urine-soaked bed with Vladimir Putin?

We have learned that denial to Trump means innocence and facts don’t matter. In regards to meddling in our election, he defended Putin by citing his denial. He defended Roy Moore over accusations of pedophilia by pointing at his denial. He’s defended Mohammad Bin Salman over murdering a journalist by using his denial. When Trump attacked Democrats who sexually harassed women, Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended the hypocrisy by championing Trump’s denial.

Trump spent the last two years denying he had any business relationship with Russia. On Thursday, he said the man who was his personal attorney, fixer, and vice president of his company was a liar, which is what he also called him before he produced the Stormy recordings. Trump went on to say he didn’t have any business dealings with Russia, but it wouldn’t have been illegal if he did. This morning, he’s admitting he did but it’s “cool.”

It’s not cool. We know Trump’s denials are always empty, and they turn into lies. Trump lied for over two years about having business with Russia. He lied every time he shouted and tweeted “no collusion.”

I’m not totally convinced that Trump won’t finish his term, but I do wish him a very Mueller Christmas.

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  1. This morning, I said to Hubby, “I hope Mueller serves his indictments, etc., on Christmas Eve” . . . and then this came in. Do you have a microphone in my house, or are we ALL hoping the same thing??

    This is what I see happening: When the impeachment proceedings begin in 2019, drumpf will resign, saying, “The Dems did me in; it’s all their fault.” He didn’t want the job, is unhappy that he got the job (as is his entire family, I’m sure), but he just can’t say, “I quit” ’til he has someone ELSE to blame, and who better than Democrats?

    I DO HOPE that Pence will be served and forced out at the same time, leaving the government in the hands of Ms. Pelosi (one way or another, we’ll get a woman in the WH!!). Whom she would choose as a VP would be interesting – HRC, perhaps? and then resign also, leaving HRC as president?

    That is soooo convoluted it sounds almost like a Republican/Russia collusion plot, but, as Judy Tenuta used to say, “IT COULD HAPPEN!” (and we can only hope so).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm… NP or HRC as our next POTUS?
      I’m kinda torn.
      We all know that Hilary would be a great President, and of course she actually won by 3 million votes, but the GOPGoons had been in a perpetual state of outrage during the 8 years that we had a Black President, and they were determined to avoid 8 years with a Woman President by Hook or by CROOK or by Putin.
      On the other hand, Nancy’s experience as House Speaker makes her totally qualified to be POTUS, and of course she’s my Hometown Girl from Baltimore MD.


      1. Hubby’s version of ‘The Christmas Song’:

        Trump’s nuts roasting on an open fire
        Robert Mueller nipping at his nose
        Confession carols being sung by the gang
        And indictees dressed up like Jail-time Joes

        Everybody knows a turkey and some depositions
        Help to make the season bright
        Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
        Will find it hard to sleep tonight

        They know that Mueller’s on his way
        He’s loaded lots of warrants and subpoenas on his sleigh
        And every mother’s child is gonna spy
        To see if presidents really know how to cry

        Liked by 2 people

  2. Saw this elsewhere, can’t say who wrote it:

    We wish you a Mueller Christmas
    We wish you a Mueller Christmas
    We wish you a Mueller Christmas
    And an impeachment next year

    Indictments we bring
    To you and your kin
    Indictments for Christmas
    And an impeachment next year

    We wish you a Mueller Christmas
    We wish you a Mueller Christmas
    We wish you a Mueller Christmas
    And an impeachment next year.

    Liked by 2 people

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