Logic From Rudy


Rudy Giuliani has taken on the Trump talking point that collusion is not a crime. This means he, like many other Republicans and Trump sycophants, are OK with treason, cooperating with a hostile foreign government to gain the presidency through illicit means.

Collusion by itself is not a crime, but collusion doesn’t come alone. It comes with conspiracy and all sorts of campaign violations, which are illegal. It also makes the perpetrator indebted to the sources he colluded with. If Trump colluded with Russia, he should resign. If he won’t resign, he should be impeached.

By pushing the argument that collusion is not a crime, Rudy is giving the impression something really bad is about to be revealed. He mentioned a second meeting that nobody asked about, that it didn’t happen, and that Trump was not at the second meeting that didn’t happen. This means there was a second meeting. It was probably one before the meeting with Russians where members of the Trump campaign, and perhaps Trump himself, planned strategy for their meeting with Russians in Trump Tower.

Last May, Rudy vouched for Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen’s honesty and integrity. Now, he says the guy is a liar. Obviously, Trump only hires pathological liars for legal representation.

He also hires idiots.

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  1. Trump hires idiots who don’t know what “synonym” means. My dear friends, Merriam & Webster, give the following as synonymous with “collusion:” complicity, connivance, conspiracy. That last one? That’s illegal.

    Related words include: chicanery, foul play, skulduggery (or skullduggery), double-dealing, duplicity, cover-up, frame-up, setup, conspiration, intrigue, plot, scheme. Some of those are great words. We need to start using “chicanery” & “skullduggery” more often.

    Merriam-Webster also tracks which words are trending. Oddly enough, “collusion” isn’t up there yet. However, “emoluments,” “trolls,” & “socialism” are trending. I expect to see “collusion” up there in the coming days.

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