During the Obama presidency, Republican wingnuts perpetuated conspiracy theories that he was out to destroy America and would never leave office when his terms were up. Without any actual evidence to base these beliefs, they shat out one flimsy reason after another.

He was born in Kenya. His birth certificate is a forgery. Nobody knew him in college. He’s a Muslim. He’s a communist. He supports terrorists. He’s coming to take our guns and give them to Mexican drug cartels. His preacher is a black anarchist. He hates white people. His wife has biceps. He enunciates words. He apologizes for America. He plays too much golf. He criticizes cops when they shoot unarmed black men, teenagers, and children. He wants us to have health insurance and eat healthily. His real dad was Frank M. Davis. He invaded Texas and annexed it as a part of the United States. Bill Ayers is his ghostwriter. He caused the BP oil spill. He killed Andrew Breitbart. He killed Scalia. He put mustard on a cheeseburger. He wears mom jeans. He’s the Antichrist. He’s a lizard overlord. He eats kale.

Each of those was code for “he’s black.”

Monday, the Trump administration and the Republican sycophants in Congress who put the Rule of Trump before the Rule of Law, took further steps to dismantle the American Republic.

Andrew McCabe stepped down as Deputy Director of the FBI on Monday after months of being bullied by Trump and increasing pressure from Christopher Wray, the FBI Director appointed by Trump. According to sources, Wray was talking about demoting McCabe until his retirement in March.

According to other sources, after Trump fired James Comey as director, he called McCabe, who was acting-director, to chew him out for allowing Comey to fly back to Washington on a government jet, as he was in Los Angeles at the time he was fired. Apparently, if your job takes you out of town, fires you while you’re out of town, you should have to walk home. He also told McCabe to ask his wife, who had lost a campaign for Virginia state senate, how it felt to be a loser. Someone should ask Trump’s wife how it feels to be married to a guy who pays off porn stars.

He also asked McCabe during an introductory meeting in the Oval Office who he had voted for in the presidential election.

It was McCabe’s wife’s campaign as a Democrat that Trump and Republicans used to attack him. She received nearly $500,000 from a super PAC linked to Hillary Clinton and Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe. According to Republicans, if you have any political opinions then you are unqualified to do any job in government service, except sit in Congress.

Trump asked Comey for loyalty. He asked Comey to drop his investigation into Michael Flynn after he knew Flynn had lied to the FBI. Trump fired Comey, forced out McCabe, questioned Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ loyalty and has talked about replacing him. Trump is purging the FBI and seeking to turn it into his own personal protection agency.

New York Times Columnist David Leonhardt laid out an Article of Impeachment against Donald Trump. Mr. Leonhardt lays out ten items where Trump has tried to subvert a federal investigation. I think he went kinda light.

The Republican toadies in Congress are doing all they can to protect Trump. They have turned their Congressional investigation of Russia’s meddling in our election into a forum to protect Trump. They don’t ask about the Trump campaign’s involvement. They don’t question the fact he hasn’t enacted the sanctions against Russia they passed. Instead, they write stupid memos based on conspiracy theories.

The Republicans voted Monday night (grrr, Mondays) to release a secret memo containing classified information, despite the Justice Department asking them not to release this it. The basis of the memo accuses the FBI and Justice Department of misusing their authority to obtain a secret surveillance order on a former Trump campaign associate.

The Republicans wrote the memo, so it’s not like they found this trove of information discrediting our intelligence agencies. They’ve made it all up themselves. Democrats say the memo uses cherry-picked facts assembled with little or no context. Monday, Representative Jim Jordan said the Clinton dossier was their paying Russians to meddle in our election. Listening to that sort of logic makes me believe the Democrats are right.

I’m going to steal and tweak a line from the TV show Scrubs. Republicans are bastard covered bastards with a bastard cream filling.

The memo is attacking Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for signing off on extending the application to continue the surveillance of Carter Page, a Trump subordinate who federal agents believe was working as a Russian spy. Instead of going after the spy, Republicans are targeting the people in our government trying to protect our nation from Russian spies. Bastard cream filling, people.

Rosenstein oversees the Special Counsel’s investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia, and now, obstruction of justice. Trump and Republicans are now going after Rosenstein. This is the Saturday night massacre in slow motion, except with more bastards.

Democrats wrote their own memo to counter the Republican’s, but Republicans, being bastards, voted against its release. Republicans argue that Americans need all the information while voting against giving Americans all the information. Releasing classified information will also tell our allies that we’re running a crazy house, and they shouldn’t share intel with us ever again, at least not while the inmates are running the asylum. Don’t share intelligence with bastards who don’t have any.

These sycophants releasing classified information for all the world to see are the same idiots who screamed about Hillary’s email server containing classified info.

Our nation is in danger and the greatest threat isn’t Russians or terrorists. It’s Republican bastards.

Quite frankly, I don’t think November can get here soon enough.

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  1. Talking about the “Saturday Night Massacre” is not very useful, because of the differences between “Then” and “Now”.
    In Nixon’s time, there were still enough “Country Before Party”, Relatively Decent Republicans left over from the Eisenhower Administration in Congress to start Impeachment Proceedings against Nixon.
    For his part, Nixon (nasty and crooked as he was) still had the Intelligence, Decency, and, yes, even Courage to Resign instead of threatening a Constitutional Crisis.

    “Now”, Not So Much.
    With Russian Money funneled through the NRA to ALL GOP Politicians, they KNOW that Mueller will find Incriminating Evidence against them, hence their Blatantly Desperate Attempts to stop him.
    Likewise, when 45* is (hopefully) confronted with Impeachment after November 2018, he may be Stupid enough to fight it, and may even be Evil enough to try to rally his Second Amendment Base to literally take up arms to defend him.
    If we’re lucky, this attempted Coup will be crushed, and the Nation will be justified in taking all involved in the Treasonous Conspiracy (45* and Friends, the GOP Congressional Majority, Fox [especially Hannity and Coulter], Bannon, Gorka, Spencer, Rush, Alex Jones, Breitbart, Daily Stormer, HypocritVangelicals, the Top 1% Who Funded Them, etc., and of course the Deplorables who take up arms), convicting them in Quick, Public Show Trials, and executing them in Quick, Public Executions. They can’t merely be put in prison, where they can write their updated versions of Mein Kampf and plot their return to power.


  2. I think the dotard is now at that point where he feels he can get away with anything since the Republicans have now shifted into a “protect trump” mode.
    Even if he does fire Mueller the investigation will continue and at that point we will see really how far trump will be willing to run with his lawlessness.

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  3. “According to Republicans, if you have any political opinions then you are unqualified to do any job in government service, except sit in Congress.”

    Typo. You should say:
    “ … if you have any political opinions, OR PROVEN SCIENTIFIC FACTS, THAT THEY DON’T LIKE, then you are unqualified to do any job in government service, INCLUDING sit in Congress.“


  4. ?Andrew McCabe was very surprised when he arrived at work only to be advised that he had just “stepped down” effective immediately. Very surprised indeed. He was “Comeyed” by Trump.

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