Trump Takes A Dump


Yesterday I tweeted, “it’s going to be a very racist day at the White House,”  and that was before I knew Stephen Miller was going to speak.

Wednesday, the Trump administration rolled out a plan to sue colleges they’re accusing to have discriminated against white people with affirmative action programs and a new immigration plan that will give preference to those who speak English before entering the country. The immigration plan puts a strong emphasis on job skills. It doesn’t do anything to thwart illegal immigration. It’s basically a racist wolf whistle. The day was full of wolf whistles.

The thing is, Trump doesn’t really need these efforts to succeed or become law. He just needs to push them as that will give red meat to his ever-decreasing base which consists of racists and xenophobic people. A new poll shows that Trump’s approval is rotting at 33% while 61% says he’s doing a crappy job and 60% says he’s a big fat liar emitting lies from the big fat lying hole in his face. I might have worded that a little differently. But, it’s pretty bad when a strong majority of the nation believes you’re full of shit. Fifty-four percent say they are embarrassed that he’s president. We should all be embarrassed.

Trump had assistance in announcing the new immigration policy with help from two Southern white senators named Tom Cotton and David Perdue. Seriously. And, who better to sell a brand new ultra-racist immigration party than your pet white-nationalist xenophobe, Stephen Miller? Having Miller sell this policy proves they’re not serious and they just want to cater to the Breitbart crowd.

The racist Stephen Miller is not to be confused with the cool Steve Miller who wrote “The Joker” who will now officially change his name to “Maurice.” While the musician Miller is a “lover, and a sinner, a picker, and a grinner,” the racist Miller is a “hater, a faker, a bullshit taker.”

Baby Goebbels presented Trump’s plan and masked his inability to answer serious questions by throwing gutter balls at the press.

CNN’s Jim Acosta asked, “The Statue of Liberty says ‘give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.’ It doesn’t say anything about speaking English or being able to be a computer programmer. Aren’t you trying to change what it means to be an immigrant coming into this country if you’re telling them you have to speak English? Can’t people learn how to speak English when they get here?”

From there, Miller went into a fake tirade with, “I don’t want to get off into a whole thing about history here, but the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of liberty enlightening the world; it’s a symbol of American liberty lighting the world. The poem that you’re referring to that was added later and is not part of the original Statue of Liberty.” Since the poem was added later that means it’s “not” a part of the Statue of Liberty? That’s like saying Brian Johnson isn’t a part of AC/DC because he was added after original singer Bon Scott gagged on his puke in a car. With that logic, we should get rid of the 13th Amendment which prohibits slavery, since it’s not the 1st Amendment. Conservatives suck at comprehension.

When Acosta asked Miller if this new English-speakers-only policy would limit entry to just immigrants from Great Britain and Australia (where they sort of speak English), Miller wolf-whistled at fellow racists by accusing Acosta of “cosmopolitan bias.” What the hell does that mean? Acosta knows how to lose a guy in ten days?

Miller said, “Jim, I have to honestly say, I am shocked at your statement that you think that only people form Great Britain and Australia would know English. “It’s actually — it reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree that in your mind — no, this is an amazing moment, this is an amazing moment — that you think only people from Great Britain or Australia would speak English is so insulting to millions of hard-working immigrants from all over the world.” I think that actually shows Miller’s bias toward English, like saying someone can’t speak the white people language is an insult. I’m sure his defense of English speakers went over YUGE with the BIGLY crowd.

Miller characterized Acosta’s comments as, “one of the most outrageous, insulting, ignorant, and foolish things you’ve ever said.” This is why they don’t usually call on Acosta at press conferences. They can’t handle his pointed questions, and they totally freak out. A member of the administration explained official policy by calling a member of the press “ignorant.”

Miller was hailed by America for taking down and putting Jim Acosta in his place. Not really. Conservative assholes on Facebook hailed Miller and got new tattoos of his ridiculous-looking face inked on their asses. Ann Coulter even said that Miller should be “cloned and appointed to every cabinet position”. Seriously, Ann. You don’t need to clone Miller to put dumb-ass racists in the cabinet. That mission’s already been accomplished. But it is nice that racists with horse faces stick together.

I didn’t want to draw a cartoon just on the report that Trump told a bunch of golfers that the White House is a dump. Maybe he didn’t actually make that remark, but this is a man who hasn’t earned the benefit of doubt. However, whether he said it or not I do have creative license, and satire is protected in this nation. So, I wanted to show how Trump treats it like a dump. It’s not just the White House structure devoid of gold-plated toilet seats designed to cradle old-craggedly-orange asses that Trump has treated like a dump, it’s the entire presidency. This is a man who isn’t humble enough to take his position seriously and lacks the ability to appreciate what the citizens of this nation have given him. When he uses the bully pulpit to spread lies for his personal gains, vendettas, and to soothe his fragile ego, he’s taking a dump on the presidency and the trust we placed upon him.

Donald Trump wants to roll back all the progress this nation made with President Obama. But, with racist, xenophobic, nationalist, and stupid actions like these, he’s going to take us back to the Andrew Jackson administration.

Instead of Old Hickory, we’re stuck with Old Dickory.

I want to thank everyone who has donated in the past. Your support helps me continue creating cartoons and columns with a little less stress in my life. Between competing syndicates with much larger resources, timid editors, and Trump supporters who attempt to intimidate the editors who do publish anything that criticizes their idol, it’s a challenge to make a career out of this. So your support (if you can) is appreciated. Want to help me continue to create cartoons and keep doing what I’m doing (pissing off conservatives)? Look to the right of this page and make a donation through PayPal. Every $40 donation will receive a signed print. All donations will receive my eternal gratitude.



  1. And if we can disregard the essence of the poem by Emma Lazarus because it wasn’t original to the Statue of Liberty, we can also dump the non-original “under God” from the Pledge of Allegience.


    1. This is a completely false equivalence. The poem is an integral part of the meaning of the Statue of Liberty– shining her light to welcome immigrants. Everyone has known that since the damned thing was set up. The term “under God” in the pledge is a direct violation of the original intent of the pledge as written originally by a socialist.


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