Pardon The Sibling Rivalry


Perhaps the most ironic part of the Donald Trump Jr. story is that proof the Trump campaign colluded with Russia is an email. How delightful.

Junior has gotten himself in deeper legal trouble, his brother-in-law could be facing five years for falsifying his security clearance, Trump’s campaign has to find a new defense other than “fake news” and “witch hunts,” and every journalist in the nation can now enunciate “Veselnitskaya” (John Cleese was right in “A Fish Called Wanda.” Russian does sound sexy).

Donald Jr. tweeted out copies of the email informing him that a Russian wanted to give him information from the Russian government that would hurt Hillary Clinton and aid his father’s presidential campaign. The subject line actually contained the words “Russia,” “Clinton,” “private,” and “confidential.” All that was missing was being CC’ed to Robert Mueller. I’m guessing Junior’s lawyer was in the bathroom for two minutes when that email was posted. What did you do???

The email proves what the Trump campaign has denied for months. Meetings and collusion with Russia. At the very least, it proves Donald Trump Jr. was giddy to receive information from the Russian government. He actually replied, “I love it.” That was not his response shortly after this meeting when he referred to anyone who suggested Russia and Putin wanted Trump to win as “disgusting” and without “morals.” Trump Junior talking about other people’s morals is like his father grading women on their looks.

Junior went where all Trump team members go when they need to lie to the public and the host won’t question them, Sean Hannity over at Fox News (who in the past has dismissed ties between Trump and Russia as “fantasy”). Don Jr. professed his love for America and that he would have turned the information over to the FBI if it was valuable. That does not explain why he told his contact “I love it.” Junior also said that this meeting occurred before everyone was talking about Russia as if he was into treason before it was cool. He’s old-school treason. He also said he’s not responsible for the emails he gets. Yeah, but you are kinda responsible for the replies you send, specifically when they say “I love it!” and “let’s have a meeting and I’ll CC Jared and Paul on this.”

Junior said, “In retrospect, I probably would have done things a little differently.” That sounds like the sort of excuse someone would use for keeping an improper email server.

Junior wants props for releasing the emails to the public as if that’s evidence of his integrity. The fact is, he only released the emails after being informed by The New York Times that they were about to publish them.

Trump Senior’s first defense of his son was a statement through Sarah Huckabee Sanders which was “he’s a high quality person,” as if he’s a toaster that can toast bread better than an average toaster. Other than that, Trump was unusually quiet on Twitter. There are reports that there’s full-fledged rancor, chaos, and bedlam at the White House. So it’s a typical Tuesday in Trumpville.

The email also proves Junior was lying over the weekend when he said that he did not tell Paul Manafort and his brother-in-law Jared Kushner, what the meeting was about because he forwarded it to them. I’m sure they’ll both send him a thank-you-card in the near future. Junior is that guy who’ll come knocking at your door with a bag of weed knowing the cops are following him. I have a real scum-sucking-shit-weasel-afraid-to-get-a-job bastard for one of my brothers-in-law, and I haven’t implicated him in a case of treason (though I have testified in court against one my sisters’ boyfriends, who keyed my car after he got out of prison).

There have been leaks from anonymous sources that Junior was not looked upon with great admiration the Trump campaign. Staffers frequently referred to him as “Fredo,” as in Fredo Corleone, the insecure and weak failure of a son in The Godfather. I think Daddy Trump wishes he had Fredo whacked months ago. If you’re in an office betting pool over which Trump offspring would doom the Trump presidency, you wanted Donald Jr. (Just like with March Madness when I get stuck with McNeese State, I got Barron).

This also opened up not just Junior, but Manafort and Kushner to blackmail. If Junior is susceptible to blackmail, so is Senior. How far will Donald Trump go to protect his son? I kinda expect the elder Donald to eventually go “Donald Jr. who? Never heard of him.”

The Trump campaign has denied colluding with Russia. Now there’s proof of collusion. Their defense now is that collusion is not illegal. It took a year for this evidence to show up. I wonder what other icebergs are out there waiting to sink this Titanic of a presidency.

The Congressional investigations might be playing off the press, but I don’t believe the FBI or Special Counsel is relying on The New York Times and The Washington Post to do all their work for them. What do they know what we don’t at this point?

Donald Trump Sr., left his business, The Trump Organization, in the hands of Junior and Eric. I really hope for his sake that Eric is the smart one.

Creative Note: I want to thank my friend, Quannah Santiago for helping me by proofing the text and making a very helpful suggestion which I did use. Thanks, Quannah.

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  1. I have think you meant Don Jr., not Eric:

    “Eric professed his love for America and that he would have turned the information over to the FBI if it was valuable. That does not explain why he told his contact “I love it.” Eric also said that this meeting occurred before everyone was talking about Russia…”
    Had me lost for a second there. It’s early! 🙂


    1. And people came from miles around, everyone was there
      Ivanka brought her dildos, there was magic in the air
      An’ over in the corner, much to my surprise
      Mr. Putin hid in Reince’s shoes, wearing his disguise
      But it’s all right now, I learned my lesson well
      You see, ya can pardon everyone, but ya can’t pardon yourself.


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