Bomp Ba-Bomp Bomp Bomp Bomp Bomp


Just like all your conservative friends who can’t think for themselves and need talking points to insult liberals with “snowflake,” Donald Trump needs television to put words into his mouth, or in this case, his tweets.

Chelsea Manning wrote a column criticizing President Obama’s legacy. Fox News called her an “ungrateful traitor” and said she called Obama a “weak president.” Fourteen minutes later Trump tweeted the same words toward Manning, that she’s an “ungrateful traitor” for calling Obama a “weak president.” We’ll let the hypocrisy slide that Birther Trump is upset with someone for insulting Obama (that must have been a really nice letter he left in the Resolute Desk that someone else probably had to read to him), but his Orangenish is aping the exact same words used by Fox.

On Tuesday Bill O’Reilly gave some crime statistics for Chicago on his show. An hour later Trump tweeted out the exact same numbers. I’m shocked he didn’t say the city was run by pinheads.

The president is totally fixated on his television. Some of his aides say if you want his attention you gotta go on TV. Congressman Elijah Cummings took that advice and went on Morning Joe and said Trump needed to call him. Within an hour Trump called him. The reason this works on Fox News and Morning Joe on MSNBC is that they’re all Trump friendly. Trump watches stuff that panders to him and tells him what he wants to hear.

Trump does not read books. He definitely didn’t write his book, The Art of the Deal. So instead of reading he watches TV. I seriously doubt he could handle a foreign film with subtitles.

One bizarre turn of events is that conservative media usually follows talking points given by Republican politicians. They followed the Bush/Cheney administration word for word. So it’s quite a flip that Trump is following and using their wording. I think they should test that system out and see how much they can make that orange monkey dance.

Creative Note: I know you sing along with the “bomp ba-bomp bomp bomp bomp bom” in those Farmer insurance commercials with J.K. Simmons. Yeah, I do too. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about and this cartoon is lost on you, then maybe you’re reading too many books.

I watch way too much TV news. I see every commercial and I swear there were three last year that used The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?”. I’m just glad I’m not hearing that “Zero’s My Hero” song anymore.

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  1. I keep tellin’ you, man…

    Hope it’s goin’ good man. You’re really an inspiration to just keep workin’ hard!
    It looks like you’re doin it! Hey, they don’t have a link to here from Go Comics anymore? Bat Rastards.

    Hope those rose are real smelly so you can whiff them while you’re dashin’ by!



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