Thanking Red States


In his continuing campaign to bring the nation together Donald Trump’s “victory tour” is only visiting states that voted for him. Screw those Hillary-lovin’ blue states. Of course during this tour he’s failed to thank the red state that supported him most, Russia.

A lot of Trump supporters ask why would Vladimir Putin want a Trump presidency in the first place? Perhaps he prefers the short-fingered vulgarian because while Putin stomps all over Aleppo, Trump is too busy meeting with Kanye and tweeting out insults at Vanity Fair for publishing a bad review of the Trump Grill.

I’m sure the Russian connection is just a figment of liberals’ imagination. Trump should ignore it and focus on the Vanity Fair review of his crappy restaurant. After all, They only gave one star to the Borscht.

Donald Trump’s claim that Russia is not behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s and John Podesta’s emails falls a little flat. The man publicly asked Russia to hack into the Clinton campaign. Sure enough, they hacked into the Clinton campaign. They then released the contents through Wikileaks and Trump then used those same contents on the campaign trail. Even Trump supporters should be able to put those pieces together.

Trump spent years beating the drum of birtherism. He claimed he sent investigators to Hawaii to prove President Obama was born in Kenya. He made talk show appearances to be the loud shouting voice of birtherism. He claimed the president’s birth certificate was a fake. He never had one shred of evidence, clue, or anything meaningful to believe in birtherism, but he espoused it anyway. Today the CIA and the FBI are telling him that Russia hacked our election and he refuses to believe it. The man trusts Infowars and Breitbart but our intelligence agencies are probably just repeating conspiracy theories. Trump tells us he has the best brain. He needs to send investigators to find that unless its existence is a hoax also.

We are living in scary times when our president is more willing to believe conspiracy theories than facts presented by the CIA. It’s scary that so many Republicans give Putin a higher approval rating than our president. It’s frightening and galling that they continue to refute the truth of the Russia hack and continue to claim they’re patriots.

Fascists need cheerleaders too.

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