Secretary Oops


During the 2012 Republican presidential primary Rick Perry stated during a debate that as president he’d get rid of the Department of Commerce, the Department of Education, and the Department of….he couldn’t remember the name and finished his statement with a great big “oops.” I don’t think his campaign lasted another week.

The department name that he wanted to eliminate yet couldn’t remember is the Department of Energy. So quite naturally at this pace of Trump’s Transition Rick Perry will probably be appointed to the cabinet as Secretary of Energy.

Why not, right? We have a Secretary of Labor who hates labor unions and the minimum wage (not against raising it. Against it entirely), a Secretary of Education who has fought to kill public education, a Secretary of Treasury who’s a Goldman Sachs guy, Ben Carson who says he isn’t qualified to head a department will now be heading a department, A Nazi as Trump’s chief strategist, and a fake news lover as the National Security Adviser. Let’s not forget Trump’s pick to lead the State Department is BFFs with Vladimir Putin.

So why not nominate a Republican Texan to lead Energy who can’t remember the name of the department, wants to eliminate the department, and who, by the way, has a financial interest in the Dakota Pipeline. Next he’ll appoint David Duke to lead a study on cultural diversity.

The current secretary is Ernest Moniz who is a nuclear physicist. Obama gives us a nuclear physicist and Trump gives us a contestant from Dancing With The Stars.

Interesting factoid for you: Cabinet members are rarely rejected by the Senate. In the entire history of the United States only nine have been rejected with over 500 confirmed. The last time a nominee was rejected was 1989 and he was John Tower who was nominated by George H. W. Bush to head the Department of Defense. At that time the Senate was controlled by Democrats. The last time the Senate rejected a nominee made by a president of their own party was in 1843 and it wasn’t the Democrats or Republicans. It was the Whigs and they rejected six nominees to John Tyler’s cabinet. Six! They really wanted to stick it to their own president.

Speaking of Whigs, I believe 2017 will be a great time for the controlling party to once again stick it to their own president.

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    1. I’ve thought about it but not seriously. I do public speaking every now and then and I’m actually quite good at it. But standup, I’d probably get booed off the stage.


  1. Where do they start with the oppositions? At least Perry was a governor. Clearly, Ben Carson should be rejected, but I’m way more worried about Sessions and Tillerman. They can’t really oppose them all, can they?

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    1. No, they can’t oppose them all and they won’t want to. You have to choose your fights wisely and politically, you kinda want a few of those disasters in there for future take downs of the administration. Someone being “unqualified” isn’t always a deal killer. Perry will probably be confirmed. Carson on the other hand might have issues as he’s sorely unqualified. The most challenging will be the Defense secretary as a law will have to voided, and the State nominee, as he’s too close to Russia and even some Republicans are questioning that choice.

      But Democrats will need legitimate reasons to derail nominees since they don’t have the votes. They’ll need some GOP support.


  2. You forgot the EPA commissioner who hates the environment, and the Secretary of the Interior who should be called the Secretary of Oil Wells. And everybody who has anything whatsoever to do with climate change doesn’t “believe” in it. They all flunked science class.


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