Debate Fact-Check Drinking Game


I’m sure during the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Monday night that Mrs. Clinton will have two or three instances of making inaccurate statements.

I’m equally sure the only truthful statement by Mr. Trump will be when he says he’s Donald Trump.

I was reading some posts by conservative friends on Facebook today. Mostly they were trolls but they were going on about how Hillary is a huge liar. It’s puzzling how anyone can perpetuate the narrative that Clinton is dishonest while ignoring the fact that Trump isn’t honest on anything. Really. Nothing. Name something the guy has been honest about.

These are the same people who find fault with the Clinton Foundation while not noticing the Trump Foundation has less credibility than a Nigerian prince.

The first debate will go up against Monday Night Football where my New Orleans Saints are playing the Atlanta Falcons. That’s an important division game for who will eventually take second. But I’m watching the debate despite the fact they’ll replay it later. There’s no way I’m missing Hillary Clinton humilate Donald Trump.

The expectations are low for Trump. If he gets through the night without drooling many will give him a victory, but this is not a platform he’s used to. Granted, the Republican debates was an area he had never entered before but that platform was set up as a giant shouting match. During one of those Trump complained about the length of the debate being three hours and then skipped the next one. That debate was with commercial and bathroom breaks. On Monday he’ll be standing against a person who sat through over 11 hours of a congressional hearing. He’ll have to 90 minutes without any breaks going one on one, not nine other competitors. Don’t be surprised if he finds a reason to skip the next debate.

During the Republican debates Trump debated fellow children, none of which were presidential. He argued with Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Ben Carson. It was a nursery school. This is his first debate with an adult.

The challenge for Clinton isn’t winning the debate on facts. The challenge is showing the rest of the nation what those of us who have been paying attention already know. That is that Trump is unfit, not ready, and incapable of being president of the United States. She doesn’t have to mock him or make him look like a fool as Trump will do that himself. All she probably has to do is use Trump’s own quotes against. We already know she’s smarter and more qualified than Trump, which is also a low bar. The other challenge for Clinton is presenting herself to the nation.

Trump has also whined about Anderson Cooper being the host. His issue is that Cooper is a journalist, asks questions, and uses facts. Naturally Cooper is out to get Trump since he will use facts. Facts are Trump’s Kryptonite though they seem ineffective when used against his supporters.

Don’t play a drinking game during the debate where you take a shot every time you hear a lie. New livers are really hard to come by but you could probably buy one from the Trump Foundation.

I stand corrected: A Facebook pal pointed out the first debate will be moderated by Lester Holt of NBC, NOT Anderson Cooper of CNN. Cooper will moderate the second debate. While we’re on the subject, Chris Wallace will moderate the third debate which will be on Fox News. Notice none of the moderators are women?

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  1. “Senator Mondale answered questions cogently and had a good command of facts. Mr. Reagan did not drool on himself and appeared to know where he was. Pundits are calling it a tie.”

    And we know how that worked out.

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