Expat Club


This was drawn for exclusive use by The Costa Rica Star.

Every election there’s a celebrity, or two, or a bunch, who threaten to move out of the country if their guy loses. They’re usually full of crap. We’re still waiting on Rush Limbaugh to move to Costa Rica after promising if Obamacare became law. He probably found out Costa Rica has national healthcare.

Robert Altman threatened to move to France if George W. Bush was elected president in 2000. He didn’t. Alec Baldwin and Eddie Vedder also threatened to move to another country if Bush won. They didn’t. Stephen Baldwin (the stupid Baldwin) threatened to leave if Obama won the nomination, and he didn’t. Akon announced he’d revoke his U.S. citizenship and Seal threatened to move to South Africa if McCain beat Obama in 2008. Tina Fey threatened to leave the planet but mostly so she wouldn’t have four years of impersonating Sarah Palin (who’s already on a different planet). Today, we have more than usual threatening to leave if Trump wins.

Lena Dunham, who created a TV show I’ve never seen, has threatened to move to Vancouver if Trump wins. For the Trump supporters having this blog read to them, Vancouver is in Canada.

Other celebs who have threatened to leave are Miley Cyrus (oh please don’t go), Barbra Streisand (who also threatened to leave in 2000 but didn’t), Cher (Jupiter), George Lopez (not that anyone would notice except Mexico after they got the talk show), and Jon Stewart who has threatened to strap himself to a rocket and leave Earth. There are many others but most aren’t worth mentioning. I couldn’t find any threatening to leave when, I mean if, Clinton wins. Hmm?

There are communities in Canada and Ireland that want to increase their populations so they’re actually welcoming American Skittles, I mean refugees, if Trump wins. For the most part I’m sure Canada doesn’t want a huge migrant stampede coming over their border. They might have to build a wall.

Threatening to leave is just posturing. You want to play in the political process but if you don’t like the results you’ll leave your fellow countrymen to live with the consequences. Well screw you, buddy. I don’t really see how my life will change if Barbra Streisand lives in Canada.

I’m sure I’d enjoy a trip to Costa Rica, but I’m not moving. This is my country and I’m staying for better or worse, kneeling or standing during an anthem. I’m not bailing when things get rough. Someone has to stay and give the man the finger. If I survived eight stupid years of George W. Bush I can survive Donald Trump, right? That is until Trump starts throwing cartoonists in prison for making his lips look like a butt hole.

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