Hillary Is A Bigot


Honestly, I am tired of using Kluxers in my cartoons. It’s just too easy of a trigger to pull, like Nazi imagery. I don’t like to use those comparisons unless the subject really warrants it. But I’m also tired of one of the major party’s candidate’s racism. Trump warrants it.

Donald Trump has referred to Mexican immigrants as rapists and murderers. He’s said an American-born judge wasn’t qualified to oversee a lawsuit involving Trump University because of his Mexican heritage. He’s proposed surveillance of mosques and an outright ban on Muslim refugees. He’s insinuated a Muslim mother who lost her son in the Iraq war of being forbidden to speak because of her faith. His company has been sued twice for not renting to black people. He’s been accused of racial discrimination toward employees at his casinos. He’s attracted white supremacists to his campaign and has been slow to disavow them. He’s questioned the first black president’s eligibility. He speaks of racial groups as monoliths as in, “the Muslims, the Hispanics, the blacks, etc.” He’s said some Native Americans “don’t look like Indians to me.” He’s mocked Elizabeth Warren by calling her “Pocahontas.” He’s encouraged mob justice for the Central Park Five, who were exonerated. He condoned the beating of a Black Lives protester and said “maybe he should have been roughed up.” He called supporters who beat up a homeless Latino of “being passionate.” He’s stereotyped Jews and shared an anti-semitic meme created by white supremacists. He referred to a black man in one of his crowds as “my African American.” He’s referred to woman as “pigs” and said Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever.”

Mr. Taco Bowl who tweeted “I love THE Hispanics” with the pic says Democrats pander to minorities.

Now he’s trying to increase his poll numbers from 1% among black voters by saying they have terrible schools, live in poverty, and can’t walk down the street without being shot. The reality is they can’t attend a Trump rally without the possibility of being beaten up. He’s appealing to black voters by saying “what do you have to lose?”. The possibilities are terrifying.

Being the reflective person that he is, this week he called Hillary Clinton a bigot. Seriously. And that was on his teleprompter. It was probably put there by his new campaign CEO Stephen Bannon. Bannon joined the Trump campaign after an illustrious history at the Alt-Right website Breitbart.

“Alt-Right” is the new term for White Supremacist. They also like to use the terms “racialists” and “white nationalists.” They’re still racists no matter how much sugar they put on it. If you ever want to feel disgusted wander over to Breitbart and look up their section on black crime (yes. They have devoted an entire section on the subject), or better yet, take a peek at the comments left by their readers.

Are all Trump supporters racist? Of course not. Stupid, yes. Are all racists Trump supporters? Oh hell yes.

Republicans need to be careful because with Trump as the leader of their party the next term used by white supremacists will be “Republican.”

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