Costa Rica Uber


Today’s cartoon I drew for The Costa Rica Star isn’t just fun, it’s educational! My work is just like the Electric Company…for adults.

Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica. Uber is not. In fact, there have been protests by the Red Taxis, which is the only service that’s legal in the nation. Talk about having a conglomerate. There are individuals in the country who will give you a ride who are not actual cab drivers and they’re commonly referred to as “pirates.” You’ll get there arrrrrrventually.

If you’re a tourist in Costa Rica you are probably better off using a taxi, even if you don’t like them. The roads are questionable, a lot of streets don’t have markers and the addresses of places where you’re going probably won’t be listed on the building.

With all this info you would think I had actually been to Costa Rica. I have not.

So next time you’re in Costa Rica, your hooker is legal and your cab ride may not be. If you take a pirate cab you probably have more to fear from the Red Taxis than a pimp. Good advice.

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