Uber Costa Rica


This cartoon first ran in The Costa Rica Star, January 25, 2019.

Uber is not legal in Costa Rica due to the lobbying from the nation’s taxi service. Now, Uber may be granted the right to operate in the nation, that is if they pay some exorbitant fines to the country. How exorbitant? $13 million.

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Costa Rica Protests


I apologize for not posting this one earlier. It was originally published June 6, 2018, in The Costa Rica Star.

There was a protest against Uber on the same day as Americans were protesting at the American embassy in Costa Rica. Taxi drivers were protesting against Uber, which is illegal in Costa Rica, and they were blocking roads. The Americans were protesting against Trump’s policy of separating families and creating baby prisons.

Including “Democrats Abroad” in the speech balloon was my editor’s editing. I didn’t really care as I didn’t think that detracted from the cartoon. I think he wanted it there as he’s a Trump supporter. Yes. A Canadian Trump supporter in Costa Rica who runs a newspaper. Go figure.

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Uber Hack


I’m sure you’ve heard about the Uber hack. No, not a hack of outstanding proportions (well, maybe it was). It was a hack of Uber, the company, which employs private contractors to scoot you around town in their personal cars.

Uber has had some bad press lately, so you may be thinking, “good. Screw those guys.” Not so fast. If you use Uber, this hack hit you.

Just like hackers broke into Equifax and stole your information, they did the same thing with Uber. Hackers stole personal data from 57 million customers and drivers. Uber says they got names, phone numbers, email addresses, and driver license numbers. What do you want to bet they got credit card information also? Uber wouldn’t be sneaky and lie to us, would they? They’re honest, right?

No, they’re not. They concealed the hack for over a year and even paid a ransom of $100,000 to the hackers. The hackers assured Uber they destroyed all the information. Golly, don’t you feel better now? We can all sleep at night and enjoy our turkey and pumpkin pie today without worrying about hackers having our info. If you believe that then you probably believe stuffing a duck inside a turkey is a good idea too.

There’s a reason you don’t pay ransoms. That reason is, if you pay it once then you’re gonna pay it twice, and probably a third time, and a fourth, etc. You’d probably figure out the duck/turkey thing is a bad idea after only one time. Paying ransoms encourages the hackers to steal from other companies. The lesson the hackers learned is, hacking pays.

I’m just speculating here, but what if the hackers were North Korea? Uber may have just financed their next rocket. Good job, Uber.

Uber may not be alone. Last year, a medical center in Los Angeles paid hackers $17,000 to stop messing their stuff up. How many other companies have paid off hackers? Here’s the most bothersome part, other than your credit card being stolen and North Korea having a new rocket….these companies aren’t paying so much to be left alone or to retrieve information. They’re paying so the hack isn’t made public.

Hacks destroy public confidence. It makes customers wary of giving up their information. It makes stocks go down. In Uber’s case, it also tells cities that Uber can’t self-regulate, can’t manage their own data, and can’t be trusted with public safety. Uber’s business model is convincing local governments that they shouldn’t be subject to the same kinds of regulations as conventional taxi companies. Concealing the hack was Uber’s way of concealing they’re an inept organization.

Regulators can slap companies with millions in fines if they fail to notify the proper authorities of security breaches, and that’s what they should do to Uber. Uber, along with Equifax, needs to be slapped around.

When I do business with a company I like to think I can trust them. Uber has proven to me they can’t be trusted.

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Uber’s On Fire


Uber is very popular. Along with popularity comes criticism, derision and outright hatred.

Do you know who hates Uber the most? Cab drivers. It’s really hurting them because Uber is a lot easier to use for riders. A lot of those same cab drivers who hate Uber are also working for Uber on the side.

I like Uber for the most part. For starters, they’re usually a lot cleaner than cabs. Where cabs tend to smell like a combination of pine tree air fresheners and cheeseburgers, Ubers are typically clean and a lot less sticky.

They’re also pretty quick…usually. Sometimes your ride will arrive in a few minutes though I have waited for 20 or so in the past. With the app you can see where your ride is while it’s on the way. Sometimes you can watch the actual car pass you by with your on eyes it while also seeing it do the same on the app. Isn’t technology incredible?

Where Uber can suck is that sometimes the drivers don’t know how to work a GPS. As I said, sometimes they get lost and they pass you by. Then they call you very confused. Another thing that can suck is when you get a driver who doesn’t know your city very well or not at all. This happens because some drivers will go to another city where they can make more money. I live in Fredericksburg and many Uber drivers here go to D.C. You can also get a driver from D.C. or even Maryland in Fredericksburg. This is because they’ll catch a fare up north and then try to work their way back home. The next thing you know you have a driver from Pakistan who lives in Silver Springs and he gets lost despite having you in the backseat explaining where the movie theater is located and you should know because you’ve lived here since 1998. Seriously.

But most of the drivers are really nice. Earlier this week one the drivers offered me a mini Hershey’s chocolate. It’s not everyday I get in a stranger’s car and get free candy. I woke up in Fargo but still, nice guy. OK, I might have fabricated the Fargo detail.

Uber is making the news this week for several reasons.

They’re trying to install self-driving cars in California. Try telling that thing you know where you live better than it does. I fight with my coffee maker.

Uber was recently blocked in court from an English language test for drivers in London.

last month a former employee, wrote a public blog post detailing what she described as her experience being subjected to sexual harassment while having the company’s human resources department ignore her complaints. Funny how companies start paying attention after it becomes public notice.

Several Uber drivers are initiating a boycott over having their fees cut while the company has grown to a value over $60 billion. There’s also a lawsuit alleging technology theft, and a social media campaign encouraging riders to delete Uber’s app over claims that the company tried to capitalize when New York taxi drivers protested against President Trump’s immigration order.

Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, was recently caught up in a brouhaha over joining an advisory council for President Trump. After severe backlash, he backed out. People don’t like Trump? Who knew! Also, every issue from now on is going to involve Donald Trump.

Finally to pile on, Kalanick was caught on camera arguing with a driver over Uber’s history of lowering earnings for drivers. He told the driver he needed to take personal responsibility for his own problems and used obscenities and was totally dismissive of the driver’s complaints. That’s like telling a starving person they’re not really that hungry.

Once again, after the tape went public Mr. Kalanick came groveling. He wants a personal meeting with the driver and said “to say that I am ashamed is an extreme understatement.” Ya’ think?

It’s good that Mr. Kalanick is using his product and can keep up with how it’s treating his customers, but it’d be nice if he actually paid attention. And what the hell is that guy using Uber for anyway? His company is worth over $60 billion. Can’t he afford a scooter? Maybe he was drunk.

Creative Note: My first idea was to draw the car going off a cliff though I knew I’d never use it. I made a promise to myself to never use a cliff metaphor ever again. It’s the most used cliche in the business with Pinocchio metaphors running a close second. I’ve already seen two Pinocchios this week and I swear this is true, the cliff metaphor is used every single week. Don’t believe me? Keep a watch for it. There’s always someone, some thing, going over a cliff, or off, or hanging on the ledge/edge. Unless there’s an actual political issue involving a literal cliff, and not a Cliff Claven, I ain’t drawing no more cliffs.

Geeky note for your Friday that has nothing to do with my creativity or Uber: Did you know John Ratzenberger, the actor who played Cliff Claven on Cheers and is required by law to add his voice to every. single. animation, was in The Empire Strikes Back? I’m full of useless information.

I can’t possibly piss off Ratzenberger fans as much as I did Moody Blues fans yesterday, can I?

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Costa Rica Uber


Today’s cartoon I drew for The Costa Rica Star isn’t just fun, it’s educational! My work is just like the Electric Company…for adults.

Prostitution is legal in Costa Rica. Uber is not. In fact, there have been protests by the Red Taxis, which is the only service that’s legal in the nation. Talk about having a conglomerate. There are individuals in the country who will give you a ride who are not actual cab drivers and they’re commonly referred to as “pirates.” You’ll get there arrrrrrventually.

If you’re a tourist in Costa Rica you are probably better off using a taxi, even if you don’t like them. The roads are questionable, a lot of streets don’t have markers and the addresses of places where you’re going probably won’t be listed on the building.

With all this info you would think I had actually been to Costa Rica. I have not.

So next time you’re in Costa Rica, your hooker is legal and your cab ride may not be. If you take a pirate cab you probably have more to fear from the Red Taxis than a pimp. Good advice.

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