Profile Of A Senator


Republicans and conservatives love to shoot down the fact that African-Americans are often profiled by the police. They’re oblivious to the fact that every black child has to be given “the talk” on how not to be killed by the police.

A Harvard study was recently published saying encounters between police and African-Americans “rarely goes bad,” and then it goes on to say “yeah, it’s kinda bad.” The study only uses a few police forces as examples, doesn’t investigate why the encounter happened, and only uses data provided by the police.

Conservatives also point out that more white people are shot by police than blacks while ignoring the difference in population. Facts shmacts!

Many conservatives, even Donald Trump, admit there is a problem…somewhat….probably. Then they continue to degrade Black Lives Matter by saying “all lives matter.” That’s like not supporting breast cancer awareness because all cancer matters. When you go to a doctor for a broken arm you don’t want to hear him say “all bones matter.” You want him to focus on the bone that’s broken. Something is broken and we need to fix it.

Yes, all lives do matter. Blue lives matter. But when you say “all lives matter,” you’re ignoring the fact that for the majority of the time this country existed, black lives did not matter. When I hear people today mock protests for equal justice and treatment, I think how good it is to know where they would have stood during the Civil Rights Era.

Now one of the GOP’s own is talking about his experiences being hassled by the police. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, the only black senator currently serving (Editted: I forgot Cory Booker. How could I forget Cory?), said he’s been pulled over by the police seven times in a year. He was often pulled over because he was driving a nice car.

He’s even been hassled by the Capitol Police. Those are the guys who protect the U.S. Capitol.

One Capitol cop profiling Senator Scott noticed his Senate Pin and said “I know the pin but I don’t know you.” He thought the senator was an impostor.

I’m thinking it probably didn’t help convince the cop that the senator was indeed a senator when he told him that he’s a Republican.

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  1. Tim Scott is NOT the only current black Senator, He is the only black Republican Senator. There is also Cory Booker of New Jersey, a Democrat.


  2. Capitol police are required to know by sight all members of both houses of congress. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) got slammed against the wall by capitol police, inside the capitol building for asking if they knew her. She later ran for president on the Green Party and, as is tradition since Ralph Nader, was arrested for trying to attend the presidential debate. (In 2012, Jill Stein was arrested two blocks away for heading that way. All have had valid tickets to attend, but none have ever been permitted to do so. TV cameras might show them sitting in the audience rather than on stage like in a democracy.)


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