Trump Madness


I haven’t drawn a Donald Trump cartoon in a week. The last one I did was on the violence at his rallies. I liked the last one so much that I didn’t draw another one even as the violence continued, and Trump talked about starting a riot. There were plenty of other issues to focus on. But with Donald Trump in the race I can’t be expected to go too long without drawing another Donald cartoon.

With March Madness going on (Go VCU and UVA!!!) there were a few “bracket” cartoons last week. There are already a few this week. I expect more next week. I’m avoiding that cliche but I do like to insert pop culture and current sporting events into political cartoons.

I’m sure if Trump University fielded a basketball team that The Donald would claim they had the best balls.

Did you like this cartoon? Want to help a cartoonist make a living? Look to the right of this page and make a donation through Paypal. I need to buy pens, paper, sandwiches, and dog food. The starving cartoonist and his Beagle appreciates it. If you’ve donated in the past, THANK YOU!!!


One comment

  1. His rabid megalomania and malignant narcissism is on full display – yet, he keeps getting votes. I still say that says far more about his supporters than it does the Stump, himself…and he’s a paranoid, fanatic nationalist.


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