Flexing Muscles For Brussels


It didn’t take Republicans long to politicize the Tuesday’s terrorist bombings in Brussels, Belgium. About 12 seconds after locating Belgium on the globe Trump and Cruz took off.

Trump brought back his torture argument (we could make them listen to his speeches and attempt to articulate one of his “best words” sentences). Cruz went farther and said we should patrol Muslim neighborhoods. Why didn’t they just propose shooting every brown person in the head?

They have already proposed making Muslims wear special IDs and prohibiting them entering the country if they’re from a nation or region where ISIS operates. We could just invade the wrong country again and see if it works this time.

It’s crazy they go into these nationalistic proposals regarding terrorism, such as sending storm troopers into the suburbs, but they don’t really want to do anything about gun violence in our nation. Well, other than the proposal of more guns.

With that argument maybe more terrorists will defeat terrorism.

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