An intelligent Debate?


I watched the Democratic Debate last night. The candidates didn’t create nicknames for each other. No one was called a “liar.” There was talk about the Flint water crisis, student debt, trade, bailouts, the auto industry. There wasn’t a penis reference. There wasn’t a booger. It was so boring.

The lowest jab might have been when Sanders referenced the Republican debate as proof that we need to do more for mental health.

In comparison nobody comes off looking presidential, or even as an adult, at the Republican debates. There’s no maturity or intellectualism, which of course are bad things in GOP Land. The Republicans actually lauded Michigan governor Rick Snyder a hero in the Flint water crisis. What?

Even though I could watch ten more Republican debates because they’re so entertaining, I think we’ve had enough for this cycle. If you don’t know where the candidates stand by this point then you’re an idiot. I’m not saying you should have your mind made up, as I’m not entirely decided either. But I know where the candidates stand.

I usually avoid drawing cartoons of people watching television. I’ve drawn way too many of those in years past. But sometimes it’s unavoidable because watching TV is what people do. And it’s hard to avoid it when the topic is the content your kids are watching.

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