Clarence Gets Chatty


He speaks!

For over a decade Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has not asked a question during  oral arguments before the court.

A lot of people speculate that it’s because he’s not very intelligent, doesn’t know the cases that well, doesn’t want to embarrass himself, or he just doesn’t care. Others just think he’s sleeping. I don’t think it’s any of that.

Since he first arrived to the court Clarence Thomas had a voting alignment  with Antonin Scalia that was above 80 percent. Some believe he followed Scalia while others think it was the opposite. Thomas has stated that if you wait long enough, someone will ask your question. I believe Scalia covered most of the questions Thomas would have asked. The evidence that lends to my theory is that Thomas felt a need to finally ask a question in the first court session after Scalia’s death.

What might surprise some is that Thomas’ best friend on the court is the liberal Stephen Breyer. Thomas would often pass him notes with his questions so Breyer would ask them.

Thomas’ question was concerning the right of gun ownership for those who have committed domestic violence. I really hope he was playing Devil’s advocate but I kinda doubt it.

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