Cruzin’ Over Carson

cjones02072016On Monday before the Iowa caucuses got rolling, Ben Carson decided to go home to get fresh clothes. What? Several questions before I get to the part where Ted Cruz is a total sleaze bag.

Why do you fly half way across the country for clothes? Why didn’t he pack enough clothes? Why can’t he do laundry in Iowa? Why can’t he buy new clothes in Iowa? Why can’t someone send him clothes? Do we need to have a clothes drive for Dr. Sleepy as if his house burned down, which celebrities did once for Tom Petty? Maybe Stevie Nicks has something in Ben’s size.

OK, now let’s bash Cruz.

CNN reported that Carson was taking a break from the campaign. In the first tweets from CNN political reporter Chris Moody, he reported that Carson was going home to Florida but he would stay in the race no matter what the Iowa results were.

After that Jake Tapper, Dana Bash, and Wolf Blitzer reported the Carson story and stated it was very unusual. It’s more unusual than the name “Wolf Blitzer.” But they never said he was suspending his campaign. Check it out at Politifact.

At 6:53 PM a Carson spokesperson tweeted that Carson “will be going back to Florida to get fresh clothes b4 heading back out on the campaign trail. Not standing down.” Three minutes later….three minutes, The Cruz campaign sends an email telling supporters, “The press is reporting that Dr. Ben Carson is taking time off from the campaign trail after Iowa and making a big announcement.”

Seven minutes later, the Cruz campaign app (they have an app?) sent a message to supporters that Carson “will stop campaigning after Iowa.” Then Cruz endorser Representative Steve King tweeted that Carson was suspending his campaign. The message on the campaign app told supporters to tell Carson supporters not to waste their vote, and vote for Cruz. And why not? If they want a gay bashing, immigrant hating, Theocracy slug unqualified for the presidency, well you can’t go wrong with Cruz.

Later, Cruz apologized but what happens so often when you lie you end up telling another lie to cover for the lie. Ted Cruz blamed CNN. He says they reported that Carson was suspending his campaign. Either Cruz is a bald-face liar or he lacks the ability to comprehend. Probably both.

It came up again at Saturday night’s debate, after Carson finally made it to the stage. He stopped during his introduction and loitered in the hallway. I thought maybe he fell asleep. That would make me suspect Cruz slipped him a roofie.

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