New York Values


Leave it to Ted Cruz to make Donald Trump look and sound like a statesman. What happens if Cruz becomes president? Will he make Kim Jong Un look like Churchill?

In an attempt to defuse Trump’s attack on his eligibility to be president, since he was born in Canada, Ted Cruz warned Republican voters that Trump has “New York values.” This guy who wants to lead the United States has totally disrespected one of the states and its entire population.

It seems if someone’s to be warned about something being from New York, that something is salsa or Barbecue. Not a person. And sure, half of the country hates the Yankees. But to hate a person because of where they’re from?

While Ted tells us what an expert he is on the Constitution, he needs to learn up on geography. New York is in the United States. Calgary is not.

If there’s only one city that can take a hit like it did on 9/11, and grow stronger, that city is New York City. New York is tough. New York is multicultural. New York is a melting pot. You can stereotype any city or state and each and every single one is more complex than a black and white stigma.

New York values embodies fire fighters rushing up the stairs of a building that can fall down any second so they can save as many lives as possible. 343 fire fighters, 60 policemen and eight medics died instantly when those buildings fell down on September 11, 2001.

New York values. Ted Cruz could use some.

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  1. From a commeter thought your ‘toon was in poor taste. I replied:
    jackreacher said, less than a minute ago
    The thing about op-ed ‘toons is that some of them are ambiguous – you made your opinion, that’s fine. I get Clay Jones here and also from his website. Every time he posts a toon and every time he does, and I mean every time, he comments on what he’s feeling and what the toon is about. I like his comments as much as his artwork. Check him out. I think you will like his site and him regardless of your political bent – he speaks his mind in detail and obviously after a lot of research.
    Call him a historian, that’s my opinion of him.

    Liked by 1 person

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