New York City

Trump’s Symbol Of Hate


Donald Trump’s campaign, along with a super PAC, are airing commercials attacking Joe Biden’s age (because he’s four years older than Trump) and his mental health because he stutters. It’s like these people don’t pay attention to their own bullshit because it’s their guy who suggested we all drink bleach, believes in windmill cancer and invisible airplanes, and asked about nuking hurricanes. It’s not just that they don’t pay attention, it’s that they don’t remember.

They don’t remember four days ago. Last weekend, Donald Trump tweeted out a video with an old white Trump supporter in a golf cart shouting “white power.” The president (sic) of the United States literally tweeted “white power.” We haven’t had such a loud endorsement of white supremacy from the White House since Woodrow Wilson had a screening in that building of “The Birth of a Nation,” a pro-KKK movie where most of the black characters are played by white actors in blackface. For Donald Trump and Woodrow Wilson, the White House is the WHITE HOUSE.

Donald Trump deleted the “white power” golf cart tweet. The WHITEY House issued a statement lying that Trump didn’t hear the “white power” in the video, despite it being shouted twice. But, if Donald Trump absorbed the video like he does intelligence reports, maybe he did only see and hear his name. He doesn’t hear that Putin placed a bounty on U.S. soldiers and he doesn’t hear “white power” when it’s shouted by old Florida fuckers in golf carts. Biden might be older but it’s Donald who needs a hearing aid. What? Bike tower? Night shower? Bite flower? Fight meower?

It was the Whitey House that issued a statement over the “white power” shout, but the Whitey House never condemned it. In fact, it thanked Mr. White Power golf cart fucker dude for his support. And Donald Trump? He never said anything about it. It’s not like he said, “What? O.M.G., I did not mean to tweet a video with “white power” in it. That’s a symbol of hate.” Instead, Donald Trump continued to foster and spread hate by tweeting more videos of dangerous black people. Lately, it’s been a daily thing for him. Donald Trump is a racist.

And the racist president reacted swiftly to another slogan as New York City is going to paint the words “Black Lives Matter” on 5th Avenue. Where on 5th Avenue? Right in front of…wait for it…Trump Tower. Oh goody. I wonder if Donald will react in a negative manner…oh there it is.

Donald Trump went off. Even your average racist would probably know better than to go off unhinged over something like this. He should be endorsing and celebrating it saying, “What a great idea, and thank you, New York City. Black lives do matter and I’m honored you would paint that slogan in front of my home.” Could he at least try to fake it? Nope. That didn’t happen.

Instead, Trump screamed out a tweet that said the slogan was “denigrating this luxury Avenue,” which is how he responded when the Jeffersons moved on up. He also said it would “antagonize” the New York Police Department. Then, he said “black lives matter” is a “symbol of hate.” Yeah…the guy who tweeted “white power” thinks the expression…the slogan…the words “black lives matter” is racist. Whaaaaaaaat?

Kaleigh McEnany, the Whitey House spokesgoon who claimed at her first press briefing she’d never lie to us, said Trump was attacking the organization, not the phrase. But, he didn’t say that in his tweet. He said “black lives matter,” on the street in front of his home is a “symbol of hate.” The guy hates the words “black lives matter” being painted on the streets in front of his home and the White House, but he wants Confederate monuments to remain in place. Sounds kinda racist.

Mayor Bill DeBlasio said he put the phrase in front of Trump Tower on purpose and “Obviously, we want the president to hear it because he’s never shown respect for those three words.” Trump proved that’s true by his quick response.

Mayor Bill also said, “When he hears Black lives matter, he presents a horrible negative reality of something that doesn’t exist, and he misses the underlying meaning that we’re saying we have to honor the role of African Americans in our history and our society.” That’s exactly true. And every mayor in every city in the world that has a Trump property, or any named after him, should paint “Black Lives Matter” in front of those properties. An international trolling of Trump would be almost as beautiful as the message. In fact, there are more Trump buildings in New York City. Troll away, Mr. Bill.

The reason we say “black lives matter” is because this country has a long history of black lives not mattering…or not mattering as much. Anyone who replies or uses “all lives matter” has a problem with you saying “black lives matter.” They have an issue with equality and they think if black lives matter, then maybe white lives won’t matter as much. That’s bullshit. Equality is not pie. More for someone else doesn’t mean less for you.

Saying “black lives matter” isn’t saying other lives don’t matter. It’s saying it’s time that black lives matter as well. White lives have always mattered and that’s why we don’t say that. We never needed to say “white lives matter” because it’s always been the case. We need to say “black lives matter.” Donald Trump and his racist goons of supporters don’t get that. They probably never will.

But Donald Trump is correct in that there are words on 5th Avenue that are a symbol of hate. It’s really just one word and that word is “Trump.” It’s on Trump Tower. And when people think of Donald Trump, they think of hate, especially his supporters because that’s why they’re in the cult.

People think of hate when they think of Donald Trump because Donald Trump is a racist. Donald Trump is a “symbol of hate.”

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NYC Protest

Note: I already posted all these pictures on Faceook so my apologies if you’ve already seen them.

I am in New York City, in case you didn’t already know that. Early this evening, around 7:30 P.M. (I remember making a note in my head that it was an hour after Trump’s stupid Rose Garden press statement), I went out to get something to eat and maybe find a protest. Never got anything to eat. One block from my hotel, I ran into this.


This was on 6th Avenue near Rockefeller Center.

79377545_10158473739924732_1266836527061663744_n (1)

The crowd seemed to be in the thousands. At this stage, the police were behind them.


This was one of the first photos I took. This young man screamed after he passed me asking if I videotaped him. I said it was just a picture and he seemed cool with it. After that, I asked nearly everyone for permission before I took their pictures. Nobody said no. There were hundreds of people taking photos and filming. I was asked multiple times if I was a cop.












Up to this point, it was all pretty lovely. Every person I met was friendly. Other than being asked if I was a cop (I was probably the oldest person participating), everyone was nice to me. Two young black ladies thanked me for marching with them. One of them fist-bumped my elbow.


I had a nice conversation with this young man, who asked me if I was a cop. He told me his name which I’m not going to publish. Soon after this, the march turned and went down a different street which it kept doing to frustrate the police. Then it got dark. Then it got scary.



The police formed a line trying to direct the crowd where they wanted them to go. The crowd wasn’t pleased with it. This black female officer kept her poise as marchers shouted at her for her “betrayal.”


This guy did NOT seem to like me. Before, the police were marching  behind the crowd or on the sidewalks next to them. Then, the batons and shields came out and the crowd hadn’t done anything to provoke other than chant and scream at cops.




There were jamming the crowd up here, making it tighter. At one point, a large number of protesters turned around and ran. That was the first time I was afraid. I couldn’t see what was happening but others told me the police freaked them out briefly. They stopped running and went back to marching. Around this time, I heard some loud booms (versus quiet booms). I thought maybe it was Cloverfield and I was way too far from the Brooklyn Bridge. Wait. That didn’t work out in the movie.


That helicopter followed us all the way. At this point, and after walking for 30 blocks, I decided I had enough photos and experience from the event that I could go back to my hotel and find food along the way. It was time to goodbye to the marchers. Or so I thought. And, I never found food.


I walked for a while enjoying the cool weather, watching where the helicopter was hovering, smelling marijuana throughout my journey, and all seemed peaceful. Then I ran into this. The Yankees store had been looted. Before I took the pic, there were caps and jerseys all over the ground. When I showed up, three young men were leaving from inside the store and dropped merchandise. The people who were walking along with me picked them all up. One young lady was directing her boyfriend which jerseys to get. He got a T-Shirt with some player’s name on it and she said, “No, not that guy.” Picky looters.


I didn’t see any more damage for two or three more blocks. All I saw were hangers from the Yankees store. Then I got to Best Buy and the looters were still inside. I was not going to take their pictures because I didn’t want to get beat up. As one young man rushed inside, after all the other looters had exited, his friends started screaming for him to get out because the NYPD was on the scene. Then, there was a stampede and I ran inside a doorway so I wouldn’t get trampled. That was the scariest part of the night. I went another block and they directed me and a few others to go down a side street. Even as we were about 20 feet away, the police were still screaming at us. I was slightly afraid here.


This is on the corner of 6th and 51st, half a block from my hotel. The cops wouldn’t let me go down to my hotel. The next intersection was blocked too. I thought maybe I could explain to the cops that I only wanted to get back to my room before the 11:00 PM curfew. It was 10:30 at this point…and no go. All I got were more screaming cops. And that was a lot of cops.


This is right next to my hotel. It didn’t look like anyone had gotten in. I’m really hoping the sandwich place on the other side of my hotel wasn’t hit.

And here’s a little video taken in front of the looted Best Buy. That was a lot of cops.


I finally got back to my hotel with nothing to eat except cheese balls. Leave it to me to come to New York City during a pandemic, riots, and when you can’t find anything to eat in Manhatten after 10:00 P.M.

Perhaps the best gift I got for my birthday is that I didn’t die.

On another note: Earlier in the day near Times Square, I saw three guys opening a manhole and going down. I told them to watch out for C.H.U.D.s. They looked at me like I was crazy and they had never heard of C.H.U.D.s before. How do you go down into the sewers of New York City without having heard of C.H.U.D.s?




Shoot The Fact-Checkers

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I don’t have a lot to say here so I’ll talk about something else. Why not? My cartoon post today has four comments on Facebook. My bagel photo has nearly 80. I am in New York City.
As my son asked, “Why?” Except, he sounded kinda upset over it. Why would I come to ground zero for the coronavirus in the United States?
I only told four people I was coming to town. My friends Gordon, Mike, Alexandra, and my son. I didn’t want to have to explain it over and over again before I got here. But, I’ve been explaining it ever since. It’s not a big deal.
First, it’s my birthday. Thank you. I wanted to do something a little different. My plan is to see a few things and experience New York City food. Granted, most things are shut down for another week so it’s not like I can take in a play on Broadway or have a sandwich at Katz, but I can get a sandwich to go. So far, I had a real NYC bagel with lox and the Kung Pao chicken I had last night was the spiciest I’ve ever encountered.
But the biggest reason I’m here is that I wanted to see something instead of just writing about it. I wanted to see Times Square as a dead zone. From some of the photos I’ve posted online, you can see by usual standards, NYC is a ghost town. Then, I got the added bonus of riots and protests. There’s graffiti on nearly every building near my hotel (which is by 30 Rock and Radio City Music Hall). I was going to go out last night, not to partake in some anarchy (as Bradley Nowell sang), but to witness, like the time I went to a Trump rally. Ew. But I only ventured out for a minute because I was tired and my feet were killing me. I’m getting old.
As it turned out, I didn’t need to come to NYC to see a protest…or even leave Fredericksburg…or my apartment.  A protest started in the burg shortly after I left. They were nearby and I could have seen it from my window. Yes, I’m sure the protest wasn’t about my cartoons.
Speaking of seeing things from your window, I passed Trump Tower and there’s NO WAY he could have seen people leaping to their deaths from the World Trade Center on 9/11. See? The trip is already paying off. Research.
Another reason I’m here now is that it’s really cheap. I feel what I’m spending is an investment that will pay off through my work. I would rather take a working vacation that pays off with research than travel to sit on a beach and forget work (though I do like beaches). I haven’t taken a real day off in years.
I don’t intend to draw or write about me going to New York City (other than now). I expect this experience to seep into my work and be a reference for years to come.
And if you’re worried about me, don’t be. Everyone I’ve met has been really nice. Granted, I haven’t walked into a protest but ya’ know, that prospect doesn’t scare me at all. Cops scare me more though, to be honest, they’ve been nice too. I’ve had NYPD walk up to me just to say hello. Weird.  Though they were all female cops so maybe they just liked what they saw. That makes sense.
In regards to the pandemic, the city opens in a week. There are people out and nobody is hassling them. Stores won’t allow anyone in without a mask which is something I wish I saw in Virginia. People seem to be practicing social distancing well which is why the numbers of coronavirus cases are going down. And, the more you wear a mask, the less it bothers you. You’ll forget you’re wearing it and to remove it before biting into an ice cream cone bought from a street vendor. At least, I hope other people do that.
Go ahead and tell me what you think I should do while I’m here. I already have a list in my head and I’m probably not going to accomplish it all. But if you’re in the city and see me, say hi.
I’m the guy with the big chocolate ice cream stain on his mask.
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NYC Terror Attack


If you want to attack a city, instill it with fear and terror to the point the citizens there change their way of life, you might want to pick a place that’s not New York City.

You always hear how we won’t let fear change us, but that’s not always true. We use fear to enact bans on refugees, suspend Constitutional rights, and even how we look at each other. But, when you hear them say that about NYC, it’s not just wishful thinking, like when you say “we’re not going to let Russia hoodwink our stupid people into voting Republican.” In NYC, the people are not going to change how they live.

They’re going to go to concerts, plays, little leagues, ride bicycles, eat New York style pizza, and flip each other off while ignoring rats on the subway…just like they do every day.

For that matter, I don’t see you changing the people in Paris and London either.

In case you haven’t noticed, the places you can’t intimidate are blue areas. You can scare Donald Trump, Republicans, and people who vote that way. But, you’re not scaring us. Hell, terrorists hit Virginia and the state got bluer.

People who commit terrorism are cowards. I don’t say that just because everyone else says it. They truly are. They believe they will die and go to Heaven, thus not having to deal with the consequences of their actions. That’s the very definition of cowardice.

I’d recommend to cowards that they avoid New York City and the rest of the United States in general. There must be a better use of your time than trying to scare people who don’t scare easy.

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Stupid People Time


There’s one really good rule for white people when it comes to telling a joke about black people. Don’t. Since this particular example is from a “black” joke, let’s not overlook that it’s probably not cool to ever make jokes about any race. Hey, while you’re at it how about cutting it out with the gay jokes? And all those conservatives sharing their favorite transgender bathroom joke on Facebook this week, you’re a clear example of why conservatives aren’t ever funny. Well not intentionally. Ted Cruz once brought a lawsuit to stop sex toys from being sold in Texas and that’s pretty funny.

You can call it political correctness not to make racists, homophobic, sexists, or misogynistic jokes. I just think it’s not being a jerk. If your sophistication and taste in humor hasn’t advanced beyond a high school sophomore then you probably shouldn’t be discussing politics…or running for the presidency.

Hillary Clinton and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio did a little skit where he referenced “CP Time.” That’s slang for “colored people” time. He was referring to his delay in endorsing Clinton and what “CP” actually meant was “Cautious Politician.” They are catching some Hell.

Sometimes a joke is so good and you realize it’s harmless that it’s worth the risk. This was not that joke. It wasn’t a good joke. It wasn’t funny. It was cringe worthy. When I draw a cartoon that I know is going to offend people and even be somewhat dangerous, I make sure it’s making a good point…or at least really funny. Yeah, that joke didn’t do any of that. It really wasn’t worth it.

Obama made a colored people time joke once. But Obama can do that. If you don’t know why, then you are an idiot and should stop reading my blog and never return here ever again.

I don’t care if you have the black vote, black friends, black kids, a black wife, dated blacks, watched Roots 17 times, or if you’re Rachel Dolezal. White people should not tell black jokes. And I’m whiter than any of you so take my word for it.

Clinton and de Blasio are not racists. They committed the sin that most white people will commit at some point in their lives, usually more than once. They are so comfortable with African Americans that they relaxed to the point they think it’s OK to make that joke. They believe they’ll get a free pass. To that, I don’t think they actually offended anyone and instead shocked the audience at their stupidity. They made people cringe and shake their heads. Now if it had been funny and had a point, well then things might be different.

Oompa Loompas, on the other hand, have a very poor lobby so making fun of Donald Trump’s chosen skin tone is still OK.

Please try to give the coloring in this cartoon extra attention because I had to color it twice. After I finished coloring (the first time) the program crashed just as I was trying to save it. It takes me longer to color a cartoon now because I switched things up and the program is new. It is teaching me save as I work which is always a good idea with anything on a computer. I can’t count the number of times I lost a blog entry just as I was…

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Bernie’s Tokens


I’ll catch some heat for this one. If you think the vitriol is heated between Sanders and Clinton, check out what their supporters are hurling at each other? Many are pledging they won’t support the other candidate if he or she becomes the nominee. They seriously need to calm down before we have a President Trump, President Cruz, or even a President Ryan.

Bernie Sanders promised not to go negative. A few days ago he said Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president. That’s pretty negative. On Friday he stated that she was qaulified. Where did this come from? Before all this, Clinton gave an interview where she was asked if Sanders was qualified. She never stated he was, but didn’t say he wasn’t. That ticked Sanders off.

You can hate Hillary, believe she’s the spawn of Satan, that the FBI is going to send her to prison, whatever and that’s fine. But she’s the most qualified candidate running for president. She was a United States senator twice elected for the second largest state in the country. She was Secretary of State. She’s pretty qualified. She also eventually stated that Sanders is qualified for president.

The other part of this is Sanders’ statement that you need a token to get on the Subway. What? I have never been on the NYC subway but I know they don’t use tokens. I would just assume they wouldn’t because I’ve been on the D.C. metro thousands of times and they haven’t used tokens since before 1998 when I first rode them. Hillary also had a problem swiping her card to get on the Subway. Let’s face facts here. None of the candidates are frequent users of public transportation. They probably don’t even drive themselves, except for Sanders.

I didn’t intend to throw a lot of art into this cartoon but I had to put Bernie in the foreground so the text on the tokens are readable. After I was done penciling I realized I had the stalls backwards. The entry was facing away from Sanders. I almost let it slide but it bothered me enough to know it was really gonna annoy me after it was published. There would be that one New Yorker to notice and scream at me.

Correction: I meant to double check before I published but forgot. New York is the FOURTH largest state, not the second. It goes in order of California, Texas, Florida and then New York. Florida and New York do have the same number of electoral votes.

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Cruz In New York


It was a few months ago that Ted Cruz attacked Donald Trump for having “New York values.” That went over pretty well in the sticks of Iowa and is the sort of insult that appeals to the rube voter. Now Cruz is in New York.

After making his New York Values insult, Cruz said it wasn’t hard to figure out what it meant and that people in South Carolina knew what it meant. Now, despite it not being hard to figure out, Ted is spinning his definition as something directed toward New York big city liberals. No matter how terrible he views New York, he wants some of its 90 delegates. Cruz is handing this awkwardness about as well as someone who just asked a non-pregnant woman when is her baby due.

Cruz visited the Bronx on Wednesday where he might have been greeted a bit nicer than Hitler would have been walking through a Warsaw Ghetto. Cruz was shouted at in a variety of languages as he was met by protesters. One stated “Ted Cruz has no business being in the Bronx, this is an immigrant community,” He had to cancel a visit to a Bronx high school Thursday as students threatened to walk out. Many in the five boroughs are telling Ted what he can do with his photo op. Too bad there’s not a primary in Canada.

New Yorkers aren’t in love with Donald Trump either but in a race against Cruz he’s pulling in over 50% in the most recent polls. I guess they can forgive he uses a fork to eat a New York slice. He held a rally, also greeted by protesters, but also left many supporters unable to squeeze into the room. Suddenly, Trumps New Yorker accent got a lot thicker. “This guy, he talks about us like we ain’t no good.”

John Kasich stand no chance to win in New York, but he does know how to experience the city. Ohio’s governor visited Mike’s Deli in the Bronx and got food busy. He ate two plates of spaghetti bolognese. That would have been lunch for me but Kasich didn’t stop there. Next he tackled a sandwich called the Yankee Stadium big boy which contains mozzarella and four types of meat. The sandwich was huge. He then had some pasta fagioli and a little red wine. Kasich left the deli wiping sweat off his brow. If he’s anything like me he went into a food coma and needed a nap later. Damn. Now I’m hungry.

Cruz also visited Mike’s Deli on Wednesday where he was told how to eat a sandwich. Apparently it’s bad luck to place it upside down (I always do that whether it’s a sandwich or a burger. Uh Oh!).

When Cruz made his remark on New York Values we had yet had a primary. Since then he lost big where he was supposed to win, the South. Evangelicals voted for Trump. How about that, Ted? All of a sudden Cruz needs New York. If Cruz had done better in the South he wouldn’t even be campaigning in New York today. But hey, Ted, if you can make it there you can make it anywhere. You ain’t gonna make it. There’s four more boroughs in the city and I think I can speak for everyone that you should visit each of them. The New York Daily News splashed across their front page “Take the FU train, Ted.” Good idea. Don’t expect to use tokens.

I think it’s safe to bet neither Trump or Cruz would ever eat anything named “fagioli.”

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New York Values


Leave it to Ted Cruz to make Donald Trump look and sound like a statesman. What happens if Cruz becomes president? Will he make Kim Jong Un look like Churchill?

In an attempt to defuse Trump’s attack on his eligibility to be president, since he was born in Canada, Ted Cruz warned Republican voters that Trump has “New York values.” This guy who wants to lead the United States has totally disrespected one of the states and its entire population.

It seems if someone’s to be warned about something being from New York, that something is salsa or Barbecue. Not a person. And sure, half of the country hates the Yankees. But to hate a person because of where they’re from?

While Ted tells us what an expert he is on the Constitution, he needs to learn up on geography. New York is in the United States. Calgary is not.

If there’s only one city that can take a hit like it did on 9/11, and grow stronger, that city is New York City. New York is tough. New York is multicultural. New York is a melting pot. You can stereotype any city or state and each and every single one is more complex than a black and white stigma.

New York values embodies fire fighters rushing up the stairs of a building that can fall down any second so they can save as many lives as possible. 343 fire fighters, 60 policemen and eight medics died instantly when those buildings fell down on September 11, 2001.

New York values. Ted Cruz could use some.

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