Lies! Lies! Lies! Yeah!


How ridiculous is it that a candidate’s argument that he’s an honest man, is that he’s telling the truth when he says he really attacked his mother with a hammer? Let’s take him at his word on that one and believe he really did attack his mother with a hammer. OK, Dr. Carson. I believe you. You attacked your mom with a hammer. You say you’ve changed. I’ll believe that. But I’m still not voting for a psychopath who attacked his mother with a hammer.

Ben Carson has said some stupid things like people turn gay in prison, or the pyramids were build to store grain, or Muslims can’t be president, people should rush shooters, Evolution was created by Satan, armed Jews would have prevented the Holocaust, Noah’s amateur built Ark versus professionally built Titanic, or the Founding Fathers didn’t have political experience. Those aren’t lies. Those are just examples of him being bat-crap crazy. Well that Founding Father thing is either a lie or sheer stupidity and ignorance.

Ben Carson has a bigger problem. He’s pathological when it comes to lying. You can defend him by saying all candidates lie. That’s not a defense. Yes, most candidates lie. Most do it to pad their resume and they usually come clean when caught. Not Ben Carson. Ben Carson doesn’t have a fabrication or two. He’s habitual. And he doubles down. Who does he think is? Bill O’Reilly?

One of Carson’s defenses is using a clipping from a parody. He claims there was a fake test while he was at Yale. All the other students walked out and then he was told there wasn’t a test, it was a hoax, here’s a $10 reward and let’s take your photo for the school newspaper. The Wall Street Journal, a conservative publication, can’t find proof. He offers proof with an article from the Yale Record, and it’s labeled at the top “PARODY.” Next the guy’s going to cite The Onion as basis of proof, or even worse….Fox News, The Daily Caller, Brietbart, etc. No wonder these guys can’t tell the difference between news and satire.

Carson has now lashed out at the media and has even said the burden is not on him to prove everything he says is true. Who gave him a liar get out of jail free card? Republicans get mad when what they say is looked into to.

He also deflects by saying Obama’s background wasn’t vetted this way. On that point: Hey, Crazy Ben, can we see your college transcripts and birth certificate?

It’s hard to keep track of Carson’s lies at this point. It’s to the point where I’m trying to go a day without drawing on Ben Carson. Whether Carson is making up stories about a fake test at Yale, receiving scholarship offers, meeting dead Generals, attacking family members with hammers and knives, attacking others with rocks, bricks and baseball bats, telling a gunman he wants the guy behind the counter, or hiding white students from black students during a riot. I wonder what new Carson lie will make news tomorrow.

You would think a candidate who lies like this would be damaged goods. With 13 other candidates to choose from you can find a Republican to support without the insanity baggage. So why are Republicans circling the wagons around Carson? It’s because when a candidate lies it damages their support. With Carson his lies are the reason he’s supported. Every qualification this man has offered as his requirement to be president has been proven a lie. Being a great surgeon is not a qualification to be president (it can be a positive). Each thing a supporter can give to support Carson, is a Carson lie.

Guess what happens when you tie yourself to an anchor? Hillary Clinton is elected president, that’s what happens.

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  1. Actually you are mostly wrong on the Yale article. The article Carson posted was an explanation of a parody paper. Hence “Parody Setting the record straight”.

    The Yale school paper released a parody of the local newspaper which fooled a lot of people. One article said that the Psychology 10 exams had been destroyed in a fire and a retake was needed.

    This article then followed that up by saying that several students showed up tontake the fake test. The test was nearlynodentical to the original except that on page 2it announced that the Yale paper was hoaxing them.

    That was it. The WSJ never found it because other that hoax test, no other details matched Carson’s story.

    Carson’s version was that the teacher announced the hoax test to test the intefrity of the students. The students show up and see that the new test is much harder and they all walk out except for Carson who was rewarded with $10, a photo and an award for most honest student.

    So, according to the Yale paper, the Yale paper was behind the hoax. The test was not harder. The test told the students it was a hoax on page two. These all contradict his story outright. Not mentioned by the paper was Carson, any awards of any kind. And if a picture was taken, it was never published.

    Lastly, if the paper was behind rhe hoax, why would they award any student as most honest? If he stayed til the wnd adter everyo e left only to be told it was a hoax, he was most duped.

    My problem with Carson’s version, which he honestly thinks this article supports, is that he changed the point from getting duped into a self agrandising “most honest award,” which is dishonest. Except I think he may have that God complex/ego problem some doctors develope and actually believes his version of the story.


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