A Caffeinated War On Christmas


It’s very bizarre to me that the group who says people should stop being so easily offended and politically correct goes ballistic when they receive a cup with nothing on it.

Sometimes we’re a really dumb country. One presidential candidate brags about attacking his mother with a hammer and trying to stab another relative while another candidate is saying if he could go back in time he’d kill baby Hitler. What’s even weirder is that neither of those candidates are Donald Trump.

Now religious freaks are up in arms over a cup that doesn’t have jingle bells on it.

Starbucks, like most establishments, issues assorted packaging with holiday decorations on them. This year they issued a red cup without any decorations. Conservatives have taken this as the first shot in the annual War On Christmas. Instead of going to another establishment that may serve expensive coffee in a Jesus cup they would rather make viral videos bemoaning that a cup has ruined their holiday. They’re also upset that there’s a mall that hasn’t put up a Christmas tree.

Is it too much to ask for Thanksgiving and Black Friday to get by us before we have ridiculous arguments about how much of your religion has to be shoved in society’s face? Apparently it is too much to ask.

This is very much a First World problem. While some in the world are starving, trying to escape a civil war, trying to survive, we have the luxury to argue over a cup.

Sometimes I have a hard time choosing which issue I’m going to draw because I can only tackle one ridiculous problem at a time.

Happy holidays!

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