Carly Describes Another Video


People who suffer cognitive dissonance are hard to figure out. They believe stuff that’s not true, even after it’s proven and pointed out to them. They’re still all “uh-uh.”

They believe Obama is a coming for their guns, he’s gone on an apology tour, he’s Muslim and wasn’t born in America. You can’t convince them the United States is not invading Texas, Obamacare has not installed death panels, Sharia Law is not being implemented, Eric Clapton did not write I Shot The Sheriff.

Don’t get them started on Climate Change.

Over the past few months the big lie are the videos of Planned Parenthood, which supposedly proves Planned Parenthood is chopping up dead babies and selling them to make a profit.

Now Republicans want to defund PP, despite the fact that abortion only accounts for three percent of it’s services and that government funds do not pay for abortion.

Despite the videos proven to be heavily edited, deceptive and pushing a lie, conservatives are still promoting them and using them for their argument. They’re even using these as their basis to try to shut down the government, again.

During Wednesday’s debate candidate Carly Fiorina wowed everyone with her performance, and she did a good job. She lied but but she did so convincingly. She went into great detail to describe a fetus taken out of a womb, and while its legs were still kicking a PP worker talked discussed keeping the baby alive so they can harvest the brain.

Yeah, nothing like that is in any of the 12 plus hours of these videos. Yet, Carly doesn’t have a problem being a liar. It was even pointed out to her by journalists that this scene is not in any of the content. She insisted it is and continues with her argument. This is like trying to convince someone roosters don’t lay eggs.

Having an opinion is fine. But there’s a difference between opinion and fact. If you’re anti choice, that’s fine, but I wonder how strong is your belief in your cause if you can’t stick to the truth. You have a weak argument if you need lies to advance your agenda.

I understand. You don’t think it’s a lie. It’s been proven as a lie, but you still believe in the lie. You probably have a bigger problem than being a liar. You might be a lunatic.

Now another one of them is running for president.


  1. The “cognitive dissonance” theory is an interesting one, far too nuanced to get into here.

    A much more plausible explanation is that everyone in the clown car knows their “base” doesn’t listen, most of the time. I know, I’ve tried. But this is how they get their “news”. Carly knew this few minute sound-bite/video clip would be played Ad nauseam, and Carly knows the base accepts it as fact because “Carly said it”.

    I tried to have a rather basic debate with a young lady I expected to be a little smarter than she was/is. She responded to me “ooh, you’re going to vote for Hillary Clinton”!? I said I would vote for anyone running against a Republican, usually.

    I asked her in my most polite way: “Why do you not like Hillary Clinton?”

    And just like that, she responded: “I don’t know, I just don’t like her.”
    -Tim Smith

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    1. I agree they know their base will eat whatever they feed them. They know their supporters won’t care it’s a lie and won’t even believe the real truth. It does work for them, at least in the primaries.

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  2. This is what the GOP wanted! The wanted a gullible populace whereby they could turn fear into paranoia, and ignorance into bigotry! This is the beast THEY HAVE CREATED=assertions without knowledge and conclusions without facts…thiis FOX NATION! A funny thing happened on the way to the purchase of the White House: Donald “El Gringo” Chump jumped into the driver’s seat of the GOP clown car and is taking where HE WANTS TO GO! So Chump has stolen the hearts of FOX NATION with his brand of counterfeit economic “populism”, as he attempts to coop Bernie Sander’s meesage of Income Inequality and Tax Fairness, because he KNOWS HIS AUDIENCE, MA unlike the rest of the flute whistles, who are simply no match for this medicine show, carnaval performer. They have exactly what they wanted, only they have completely lost control!


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