Hangin’ With The Pope


I rejected my first idea. I was going to draw some wing nuts upset the Pope was visiting communists and then say “and he’s meeting with the Castros too.” I figure that idea might be obvious. We’ll see in a day or so and I probably just gave the idea to someone reading this.

We have had almost eight years of people accusing Obama of being something he isn’t like Muslim, Socialist, Communist, foreign born, etc. Now the Pope has to deal with it.

Conservatives are upset because he believes in science, reality and puts an emphasis on caring for the poor over capitalism. A lot of people think those are Marxist tendencies. You know, like Jesus had.

At least no one is accusing the Pope of being Muslim. At least not yet. The way this nation is dumbing down I won’t be surprised if someone accuses the leading Catholic of being a member of another religion.


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