Who Does Trump Think Are Losers?


I’ve wondered if GOP primary voters would just lose interest in Donald Trump or if he would finally say something they can’t tolerate.

They can tolerate him questioning whether the first African-American president is qualified to be president by saying he’s not an American.

They not only tolerate him calling Hispanics “rapists”, they put him on top in the polls. Do you know who else made a large segment of his nation’s population into scapegoats? Hitler. Saying Hispanic immigrants are mostly made up of killers and rapists is extremely racist and xenophobic, yet Republicans excuse the guy, say he’s not being racist and he’s just guilty of being politically incorrect. A lot of Republicans don’t get subtlety. A racist would actually have to burn a cross while wearing a sheet and shout the N-word before they can acknowledge it’s racist (and most of them will look the other way).

But now Donald Trump has finally done it. He’s been on a roll of calling people losers lately. The guy really needs a thesaurus. On Saturday he said Senator John McCain is a loser because he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam. He also says he likes people who weren’t captured. This is something I don’t expect Republican voters to tolerate (since they’re all Patriots).

You don’t have to believe the war in Vietnam was a crisis the United States should have been involved in to realize that those who fought in it are heroes and patriots. To call someone a loser for defending his country is a repulsive act. It’s especially galling when the man doing the insults received four deferments and one medical release which saved him from the draft.

My father served in Vietnam. He was wounded. He carried shrapnel in his body for the rest of his life. While my father was dodging bullets in South East Asia, Donald Trump was dodging the draft to live another day to call those who served losers. If my father was still alive, death threats from Mexican drug lords would be the least of The Donald’s worries.

Nobody, including Trump, has expected him to win the nomination (OK. There are some seriously clueless and stupid people out there). The biggest mystery was how he would get knocked out. Now the only questions remaining are what day next week will he quit and what reasoning will he give?

I’m gonna go with Tuesday and Trump will say he’s quitting to save America by creating a new beauty pageant.

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