Wang Dang Save The Name


The university in St. George, Utah is named Dixie State University. That doesn’t make any sense to me but it makes sense to a lot of people in Utah who refer to the Southern region of that state as “Dixie.” Why? Utah wasn’t even a state during the Civil War (admitted to the Union in 1896) and it’s not a part of the region of the country referred to as Dixie. That would be like Atlanta calling itself the Big Apple or Birmingham giving itself the nickname The Windy City.

In fact, the school’s mascots are the Rebels and they used to fly the Confederate flag. Now there’s a movement to change the name.

I don’t have much of with Dixie being thought of as racist. Dixie is not racist and refers to the South, not racism. The Confederacy doesn’t exist anymore but Dixie does. Though that song “Dixie” can be construed as racist (it was big during the Civil War and features the lyrics “old times there are not forgotten”). If Dixie State University was actually in the South I would support them keeping the name (we can’t get rid of everything and not everything is offensive).

I have a problem geographically. It seems Utah, a state with it’s own identity, could come up with a name that’s more representative of that region of the state instead of stealing one from the American South. Why not call it Red Rock University since that’s a big part of the scenery in the area (it’s beautiful and I hope to visit someday). But c’mon! A university should be about education so it should have some basic foundation of geography.

I decided to play on Kid Rock and Ted Nugent’s support for the Confederate flag in this week’s cartoon for The Independent. There’s another pair confused about what region they’re in as both are big supporters of Southern racism while being from Michigan. If Kid Rock and Ted Nugent are on your side, then you’re in trouble.

Oh God. Sometimes the stupid really hurts.

Speaking of changing things that are offensive: As I mentioned above, I don’t think everything should vanish. Yes, the flag of racism, hate and traitors should not fly on government property. Monuments to the Confederacy should be considered on a case by case basis. Some are part of history and education. Monuments to Klan leaders should definitely come down. The Confederate cause should be preserved in Museums. I can’t see all the statues in Richmond coming down (which includes Jefferson Davis). Streets and schools named after Confederate generals and Jefferson Davis should definitely change (unless that confederate hero actually founded the school or served there, like Washington And Lee University in Lexington, Virginia where Robert E. Lee served as president after the Civil War).


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