MAGA-Lardo Subpoenas

Donald Trump is preparing to be arrested by the Manhattan District Attorney next week, politicizing it, fundraising off it, and trying to create another violent riot from it. This case stems from paying hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016, days before the election, to keep quiet about boinking in a Las Vegas hotel room just four months after Melania gave birth to Baron. It’s not illegal to cheat on your wife four months after she gave birth to your fifth child. It’s not illegal to shag porn stars in Vegas. It’s not even illegal to pay hush money to a porn star to keep quiet about boinking in Vegas. But…it is a crime to donate money to your own campaign and not file it.

Michael Cohen, who was Trump’s lawyer/fixer at the time, paid Stormy $130,000 in the scheme, and Trump reimbursed Cohen later with a check…AFTER he was in the White House. Trump committed a crime and he did it while he was president. This should be his third impeachment.

Trump has denied having sex with Stormy Daniels but has admitted reimbursing Michael Cohen.

Former National Enquirer publisher David Pecker should also be facing criminal charges for paying a Playboy playmate $150,000 shortly before the 2016 election to keep quiet about her trysts with Tiny.

While the Manhattan case may be historic in that a former president (sic) is arrested, and extremely embarrassing when we get to see Trump’s mug shot and hopefully a perp walk (pleeeeeeeeeeeeease let there be a perp walk of Trump in handcuffs), it’s not the case that’s the biggest threat to Trump.

The greatest threat to Trump is the case in Georgia where Trump engaged in election interference, fraud, tampering, intimidation, etc, and the Special Counsel probe of Trump trying to steal the election, instigating a terrorist attack on the Capitol, obstructing Congress while it was performing a constitutionally-mandated duty, committing an insurrection, and stealing classified documents and obstructing justice.

We learned last week that Special Counsel Jack Smith has subpoenaed at least two dozen people over Trump’s handling of the documents, including employees of Mar-a-Lago. Multiple sources close to the situation said the list includes former attorneys, aides, housekeepers, restaurant workers, and other employees of the country club that has become Trump’s full-time residence.

I’ve read in the past that Trump is actually a pretty good tipper, often handing $50 bills to housekeepers. Now we know why. But I think silence should cost more than $50. If you’re an employee at Mar-a-Lago and you see something, then say something.

These investigations and prosecutions are NOT political. The Manhattan DA refused to prosecute Trump personally when he went after the Trump Organization. Donald Trump attacked our country and tried to steal an election. Sure, it’s unprecedented for a former president (sic) to be arrested, but it’s also unprecedented that a president (sic) is a traitor.

Indict Trump, arrest Trump, convict Trump, and imprison Trump. It’s the American thing to do.

Music note: I listened to Hole.

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  1. Nixon resigned so the country would not have to go through what Trump is now putting the country through. All uncharted territory and I am excited to see where this all goes … come hell or high water.

    I do want to make a prediction … The next time the vice president is counting electoral votes I bet the capitol building is properly secured, over secured, National guard protected with snipers on the roof!

    “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.” (but by all means, do shoot!)

    [For the stupids (Maga morons) that don’t know history … that is a famous quote from a real revolution for American Independence from the Revolutionary War.]

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  2. “pleeeeeeeeeeeeease let there be a perp walk of Trump in handcuffs” – we all want to see this, poor guard that has to frisk him, hope his depends aren’t full of MAGA shit that day. Cartoon is perfect today, hit him where is count with the cook and plumber. Cheers

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  3. Just as Al Capone was taken down NOT for his murderous crimes, but for tax evasion, so shall drumpf be taken down NOT for his treason, etc., but for paying of a woman of negotiable affection. Hey, whatever it takes!

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  4. “pleeeeeeeeeeeeease let there be a perp walk of Trump in handcuffs”

    Whether or not a pristine pair of handcuffs is ever permanently soiled by contact with Q45*’s wrists (if they are, they should be prominently displayed in a permanent exhibit at The Smithsonian, unless, of course, they are treated as a Holy Relic by his cult, in which case they should be thoroughly oxidized in a high temperature furnace and the ashes scattered at an undisclosed location at sea), I think that starting this week on the day he is arraigned, and every week thereafter until he is incarcerated, you should give us a Graphic Editorial featuring Q45* in handcuffs.


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