Dragging the Narrative

Republicans have this obsession with drag queens. They’re more afraid of drag queens attacking this nation than Russia’s disinformation campaign and Chinese spy balloons. I’m probably giving them an idea with this cartoon. At the very least, I bet we can convince Lauren Boebert it’s real.

The latest Republican outrage over drag queens comes to us from the state of, you guessed, Florida.

Florida’s fascist governor Ron DeSantis is trying to revoke the liquor license of the Orlando Philharmonic Plaza Foundation. Why? Because he’s alleging the foundation violated Florida statutes on lewdness by holding a sexually explicit drag show in December in the presence of minors.

This is the second time he’s filed a complaint against a venue for hosting a drag show. Back in July, he went after a restaurant in Miami for hosting a drag show, claiming it was a “public nuisance.” Drag shows in Miami? Did nobody ever show this guy “The Birdcage?”

Who forced these minors to go to a drag show? Did drag queens run into the streets and kidnap them and then clamped their eyelids open à la “A Clockwork Orange” to watch men in dresses sing “Screwdolph the Red-Nippled Reindeer?” No, but I think we should do that to every Republican until they stop being so threatened by men in dresses.

The people who took children to these drag shows were their parents. Do you remember all that talk by Republicans that parents should be the ones to decide what type of education is good for their children? It’s the basis of DeSantis’ law “Don’t Say Gay” and his efforts to ban black history from being taught in the state.

I supposed only Republican parents know what’s best for their children and liberal parents shouldn’t have a say. What’s next? Will DeSantis report “woke” parents to child protection agencies? Will there be foster homes set up for kids taken away from their parents?

Maybe the government should decide what parents can’t allow their children to watch. When I was a teenager, my mom let me watch “Big Bad Mama” on HBO and I haven’t been right since. No child should have to see William Shatner in a sex scene.

The board of directors for the Orlando Philharmonic Plaza Foundation told the Orlando Sentinel that the venue is a “welcoming and inclusive establishment that operates in good faith and compliance with all applicable laws. That includes respecting the rights of parents to decide what content is or is not appropriate for their own children.”

Why should Ron DeSantis be the authority on what’s lewd? What I find lewd is using refugees, human beings, as political pawns. What I find lewd is DeSantis’ racism. Why should Ron DeSantis be the authority on what’s best for other people’s children?

We haven’t seen an Italian be this much of a fascist since Benito Mussolini.

I’m really not that concerned about drag queens being a bad influence on our children. If I could survive Bugs Bunny’s multiple drag performances as a child, then today’s kids can get past Ru Paul. Just keep them away from William Shatner.

Music note: I listened to Fastway and Lifehouse

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  1. Taking your point to the extreme- Aren’t the proposed foster homes for the woke children the equivalent to Indian Boarding School. No oversight, abusive staff and death / injury of non compliant children foreseeable cruel MAGA bonus?

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  2. I mut have seen Bugs and other cartoon characters wear drag dozens, if not hundreds of times. When I got a little older, my main interest in girl’s clothes wasn’t in wearing them, but trying to get girls out of them.

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    DeSatan is an ass!! — I know, I live in FloriDUH and I’m gay!! … “The people who took children to these drag shows were their parents. Do you remember all that talk by Republicans that parents should be the ones to decide what type of education is good for their children? It’s the basis of DeSantis’ law “Don’t Say Gay” and his efforts to ban black “history from being taught in the state.

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  4. The MAGAs believe in letting parents make decisions about how to raise their children…until they want to take their kid to a drag show…or be supportive of their trans kid…or…surprise…do anything the MAGAs don’t like!


    1. Hamburger Mary’s down the street from us is still in business; but who knows for how long. Several other HM’s in Florida have closed, for various reasons.


      1. Not liking your comment since that is just sad :/ Then again, if I was a drag queen or ran a drag queen establishment, would I still want to continue doing that in Florida?


      2. Well, it’s a franchise (the others are in CA), and the owner[s] have a lot of $$ invested in their restaurants. It’s not like they can just close the doors and walk away, altho two or three of them have been closed, supposedly due to ‘health concerns’. And that was before DeathSantis started on this anti-gay, anti-trans crusade of his.


      3. Yeah, that is understandable. People can’t just pull up stakes and close their business down. Hopefully they will stay strong and survive, and someday the Florida gov’t will take a turn for the better again.


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