Great Scott!

During his State of the Union address this week, President Biden said, “Instead of making the wealthy pay their fair share, some Republicans, some Republicans want Medicare and Social Security to sunset.” Republicans booed and heckled him for this comment. Some, specifically Marjorie Taylor Greene, howled “liar” at the president.

From there, the president pointed out that since they claim it’s not true, then cuts to Medicare and Social Security are “off the table.” You could see Kevin McCarthy sink lower in his chair.

Republicans are still livid over this because President Biden told the truth. Some Republicans have proposed “sunsetting” Medicare and Social Security.

What is “sunset” when it comes to government programs? It means that at a certain point in time, a government program has to be reauthorized by Congress. Florida Senator Rick Scott’s plan details that every federal legislation has to be voted on again after five years. That means Congress would have to vote on programs like Social Security, Medicare, and the Affordable Care Act every five years.

If you think it’s bad now that we have to fight for the debt ceiling every year, wait until we have to campaign for Social Security every five years. Do you really feel it’s safe with a Republican majority if there’s a law stating they can get rid of it? And in a sunset, would the program be abolished if Congress doesn’t vote on it every five years?

So when President Biden said “some” Republicans want to sunset Medicare and Social Security, he was right. The hecklers are wrong. Maybe Republicans should actually read their own policy proposals.

Scott doubled down on his plan after the president’s speech, saying, “In my plan, I suggested the following: All federal legislation sunsets in five years. If a law is worth keeping, Congress can pass it again. This is clearly and obviously an idea aimed at dealing with all the crazy new laws our Congress has been passing of late.” He claimed he wasn’t going after Medicare or Social Security and called the claim “a lie” and “a dishonest move … from a very confused president.”  

No, President Biden is not confused because he read Scott’s plan. If anything, Scott is confused by claiming he’s not after those programs while plainly stating his proposal will sunset those programs. He claimed Biden was “twisting” his words and that it was really Democrats who wanted to cut benefits, not Republicans, even though it’s his 12-point plan to do so.

Man, Republicans really hate it when you point out facts…or quote them. President Biden said “some” Republicans, not all, are proposing to do away with Social Security and Medicare. Rick Scott is not the only one.

Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah said, “One thing that you probably haven’t ever heard from a politician: it will be my objective to phase out Social Security. To pull it up by the roots, and get rid of it.”

Republican Senator John Thune, the number two guy in GOP Senate leadership, said last November that Social Security and Medicare benefits should be slashed.

The Republican Study Committee, which includes a majority of House Republicans, released a formal budget including raising the eligibility ages for each program, along with withholding payments for individuals who retire early or had a certain income and privatizing funding for Social Security to lower income taxes.

In 2015, a majority of House Republicans, which included current Speaker Kevin McCarthy, voted to raise the retirement age to 70, which would cut Social Security benefits for tens of millions of seniors who paid into the system for years.

Former Vice President (sic) Mike Pence has suggested privatizing Social Security.

Republican Senator Ron Johnson doesn’t want to sunset Social Security and Medicare every five years. Nope. He wants to do it…wait for it…every year. He wants it to be an annual thing. Somehow despite this, Wisconsin reelected him last year.

Republican Lindsey Graham suggests raising the age to qualify for Social Security and Medicare.

Raising the age for qualifying for Social Security and Medicare does take benefits away from millions of Americans. The current retirement age is 66 for full benefits, but will eventually increase to 67. A lot of Republicans want to make it higher, like to 70. A lot of people won’t live to see 70 which means they’ll never collect Social Security which will make more money available for corporate welfare and tax cuts for billionaire assholes.

So, no. President Biden was NOT lying when he said there are some Republicans who want to take away Social Security and Medicare benefits from you. Republicans are lying when they say they’re not lying.

Republicans are all liars. It’s what they do. George Santos could tell you, except he’d be lying.

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  1. In Canada elected officials get a lifetime public service pension after serving just 6 consecutive years in our ParlIaments and Legislatures whether they heed them or not. I presume there is a similar pension program for American elected officials. So why not tie their pensions to Social Security — if you screw with one you screw with the other. No one will ever threaten to sunset their own pensions even though most of them have no need for them. We the People need Social Security. Working all our lives paycheck to paycheck does not allow most of us to put away retirement funds. We are not paid liviing wages to ge able to do that!

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Rick Scott — I see you!! I live in FloriDUH!! I know you … you’re supposed to represent me!! … “So, no. President Biden was NOT lying when he said there are some Republicans who want to take away Social Security and Medicare benefits from you. Republicans are lying when they say they’re not lying.”


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