DeSanctimonious Politicizations

After Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ 19 percentage point romp over Democrat Charlie Crist in his reelection victory last Tuesday, a debate ensued within the GOP over whether it’s time to abandon Trump and start worshipping at the altar of DeSantis, especially since most of Trump’s picks of candidates went down in humiliating fashion.

The Republican Party promised us a Red Wave. But thanks to Donald Trump, we got a weak pinkish trickle. There are signs the Trump cult is having doubts.

Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post’s front page featured Trump as Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall. Another front page from the Post labeled DeSantis as “DeFuture.” Another Murdoch outlet, The Wall Street Journal, called Trump the “biggest loser.” The goons at Fox News are fawning all over DeSantis and Tucker replayed an interview he did with the guy months ago. None of this is sitting well with Trump. It’s like watching your ex-girlfriend make out with Ron DeSantis on the front page of the New York Post while Tucker Carlson watches while touching himself.

Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy declared to a reporter, “We are not a cult,” though nobody asked him if the GOP is a cult. But they are and every cult needs an ass to rotate around. DeSantis believes it’s his derriere that should be the sun in his situation. “Away from the Sun” is a song by Three Doors Down who played for Donald Trump the night before his inauguration. If DeSantis wins the 2024 presidential race, he’ll one-up Trump by having a shittier band, like Nickelback, play at his party (there was a tour years ago of those two bands plus Puddle of Mudd which made me question how the audience would be able to tell the difference between the three bands. I think each of those bands are regulars at Sturgis too. Bleah).

DeSantis’ wife posted a video on November 4th claiming that on the eighth day, God created Ron DeSantis. DeSantis has a huge ego, declaring himself sent by God and all, but Trump claimed that he’s the chosen one. During the 2016 Republican convention, Trump declared, “Only I can fix it.” Trump believes he is a deity and that anyone who considers running for president in 2024 is being disloyal to him. Trump has lashed out at DeSantis and Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, in case his numbers keep rising with the base too.

Trump isn’t accepting any of the blame for the defeats of his candidates like Dr. Oz and Blake Masters. Instead, he’d rather blame Mitch McConnell. Since Trump can’t blame DeSantis, who won big along with the entire Florida GOP, he’s taking credit for their victories.

Trump claims he created DeSantis’ political career, and it is true that DeSantis took a ride on the Trump train back in 2018. During his first run for governor, he proudly ran an ad of him teaching his child how to build a racist border wall with Legos. Now, Trump is calling him an “average governor” and only a so-so Lego racist border wall builder. Trump also blasted him as Ron “DeSanctimonious,” which really shocked people because “sanctimonious” is a very big word.

And just like the First Commandment, “Thou shall have no other gods before Trump.” Trump is very threatened by all the DeSantis talk. He doesn’t want Republicans praising DeSantis over him…he doesn’t even want DeSantis praising himself. How dare he.

Trump even claimed that he used the FBI to help DeSantis win his first term as governor. Uh, what? I thought politicizing the FBI, Justice Department, and IRS was bad. Isn’t this what MAGA country has been claiming without proof since the FBI served a search warrant on Trump’s gold resort for his stealing classified government documents?

What MAGA ignores is that Trump was always about politicizing the FBI and Justice Department. He tweeted orders for his enemies to be investigated. He fired James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Geoffrey Berman, and Preet Bharara, all for doing their jobs.

Is it true that Trump sent the FBI to help DeSantis win his race? On Truth Social, Trump claimed that in 2018, votes were “being stolen” by a “corrupt” election process in Broward County, which is located in the Miami area, and DeSantis’s lead over his Democratic opponent, Andrew Gillum, was dropping by 10,000 votes per day. 

Trump said that he and then-Florida Governor, and now Senator, Rick Scott, sent the FBI and U.S. attorneys and the “ballot theft” ended immediately, stopping the election from being “stolen.” Scott was on those ballots too as a United States Senate candidate, and he claimed without any proof that the slow count in Broward was allowing for “illegals” to vote. Oddly enough, there were never any arrests of anyone committing election fraud in Broward County in 2018.

There is no evidence that Trump sent the FBI or U.S. attorneys to Florida to stop the vote count, and the Justice Department spokesperson at the time said it “never happened.” The only reason there’s no evidence this ever happened is because it never happened. 

Now when Donald Trump said he sent agents to stop the election from being “stolen,” that means he tried to steal it. And even though he didn’t send the FBI to meddle, this means he tried. This also shows that he’s a huge fan of politicizing government agencies. But we already knew this. He hired William Barr to turn DOJ into Trump’s personal legal defense agency.

We also know that Ron DeSantis is all about politicizing agencies as he’s even fired elected officials in Florida who have dared criticize him, which brings us back to the god complex.

There will be a huge battle between these two racist fascism-loving goons with god complexes. My hope is they smite each other. May they smite each other to pieces.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Agree!! I know … I live in FloriDUH!! I’ll have a front seat!! … “There will be a huge battle between these two racist fascism-loving goons with god complexes. My hope is they smite each other. May they smite each other to pieces.”


  2. A mouse could win in Florida with sll the gerrymandering going on, and the stopping of select peoples from voting. Trump and DuhSantis are both rats. They cannot gerrymander the whole of the USA. Neither one stands a chance of winning in 2024, so it doesn’t matter which rat runs, the People will win!


  3. When it eventually comes time to serve justice to Trump I hope it DOES NOT GO the way of Lincoln with “Malice toward none”. Time for a bit of “MALICE” in my book (and that goes for anyone the tries to fuck with social security!)


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