Get Your Popcorn

The popcorn imagery is a bit old and a cliché in political cartoons, but I couldn’t resist this image. It’s another idea I came up with the night before and that woke me up this morning as even in my sleep, my brain was trying to figure out how to put it together. I have a weird brain.

The thing I love about this is that Democrats are going to get their popcorn and relish the fight between Trump and DeSantis. The only way it’s not going to happen is if one of these racist walking turds chooses not to run for president, so yeah. It’s happening. These egos will collide.

Let’s compare the two men.

On Tuesday night, DeSantis won his reelection and he won big. He won Miami-Dade County, being the first Republican to do so since 2002. Republicans won all the cabinet positions in the state and now have a supermajority in the legislature. Their representation in congress, formerly a 16-11 advantage over Democrats, is now 20-8. Florida is moving further to the right but keep in mind that the state was awarded two new congressional districts from the 2020 census and DeSantis personally rewrote the congressional district map, which a right-wing court went to sleep on. Also, keep in mind that DeSantis’ opponent in his race was the most boring man the Democratic Party could find. It’s almost like they sent Terry McAuliffe down to Florida to run against him, but he looked a lot like Charlie Crist.

But Florida is turning into a fascist Republic that DeSantis says is “where woke goes to die.”

Republicans nationwide are starting to gravitate toward DeSantis. The Facebook page of the right-wing goon cartoonist that I use as a barometer of Republican vile and awfulness posted praise of DeSantis’ “woke” comment and added, “boom,” not really understanding how “boom” is supposed to work. He also added a bit about Florida being for freedom lovers or some shit like that even though he lives in the midwest. But if Florida is where woke goes to die, isn’t that killing freedom? If you understand what woke is, yes. It’s killing freedom.

But, that’s exactly what MAGAts want. Is DeSantis better at MAGAing than Trump?

When you look at the results from Tuesday, DeSantis is the big winner and Trump is the biggest loser. Most of Trump’s candidates lost on Tuesday. So who’s a better choice for MAGA in 2024.

Both men are vile, racist, sexist, homophobic, and just truly deplorable slimy lying human beings. Both men dream of being fascist dictators. But, DeSantis wins and has more discipline. Does this make him the favorite? No, because Republicans are stupid sycophants.

DeSantis is the better choice for the Republican Party over the guy who lost the popular vote in 2016 and 2020 and also lost midterms in 2018 and watched most of his personally-picked goons goes down in 2022. DeSantis has the difficult task before him of convincing sycophants to change their idol worship from Trump to him. Trump doesn’t really have accomplishments or policy positions he can explain, while DeSantis does, but that’s not what the MAGA base wants. The MAGA base wants racist simplistic rhetoric without details, which is where Trump shines. The base never did question while chanting “build the wall” exactly how Trump was going to get Mexico to pay for that wall. They didn’t even ask questions when Trump started to make them pay for it. They don’t even ask questions when a con man gets indicted for swindling them in a build-the-wall pyramid scheme. DeSantis may have to get dumber to win MAGA over Trump.

DeSantis has about a year and a half to do this. He has to beat Trump by being the most racist godawful simplistic goon possible, then run to the center after the primaries because we learned Tuesday night that the majority of America doesn’t want to vote for assholes. Unfortunately for DeSantis, like Trump, he is a HUGE asshole.

What this means for the rest of us… we have to stock up on popcorn. I’m gonna do a mix of movie theater butter and kettle. What’s your popcorn poison?

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  1. “Boom”. I can explain. Ever seen ads for Herschel Walker? They have him saying ‘Boom’.
    Football smack talk
    Viewers make their own inference. Ugh!


      1. I understand what “boom” means in this context. It’s a “mic-drop” moment. What I’m saying is, they’re not using it correctly. The statements they’re adding a “boom” to aren’t really statements where they stick it to their opponents.


      2. Indeed. Boom is Claiming a mic drop without rhetorically socking their opponent with logic, policy or fact. It’s an unsupported emotional sound bite encouraging blind loyalty- like ‘Go Dawgs’. Or even like a religious call and response ‘Amen’
        Perhaps the rhetorical response should be a catch phrase ‘sock it to me’ ? Or would they take up their hammers blindly charge forward. Smells like fascism.
        Your mileage may vary.
        Aspiring armchair economist


  2. I may not get that image out of my mind for a long time. Thanks, Clay. Besides, we know what a weasely coward FPOTUS is, he’d never man up that way.


  3. I found Waldo!!!
    … and Pizza Rat with a very little part of the Pizza showing at the edge of the frame (or maybe that’s just another part of his tail… maybe it’s his cousin, Popcorn Rat)!!!

    Also, I see a lot of Democrats waving cash to place bets… my twisted mind came up with the image of some of them tucking dollar bills in the waistbands of the “fighters”, like in a strip club… 😉


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