Heads of Boris

There’s actually a movement within the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom to replace Liz Truss with Boris Johnson, the former Prime Minister who Liz Truss replaced. Unfortunately for Boris, if he wants the job, even the Tories probably don’t suffer the kind of memory loss that afflicts American voters.

If you are an American voter, then 45 days is probably long enough to forget that Donald Trump and Republicans tried to overturn an election they lost after destroying the economy and gaslighting a virus that killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. Within a year of Trump and Republicans losing power, voters in Virginia gave power to Republican Glenn Youngkin forgetting that Republicans don’t care about democracy, personal freedom, and don’t really have any solutions to anything, except ideas that are very similar to the ones that got Liz Truss tossed after 45 days.

The majority of Americans are pro-choice and disagree with the Supreme Court giving states the power to ban abortion. And within six months of losing abortion as a constitutional right, American voters are about to return Congress to the party that took that constitutional right away from them, and while many Republicans are talking about banning abortion nationally. Are we stupid or what?

Donald Trump’s biggest legislative achievement was to give himself a tax cut. How’d that trickled-down help you out? It didn’t. After 40 years of this shit without any proof it works, conservatives are still pushing it. Liz pushed it until it pushed her out of office.

George W. Bush gave the rich a tax cut while increasing the deficit to fund two wars. Donald Trump gave the rich a tax cut while also increasing the budget, partly to pay for his stupid racist border wall. Now there are rumors that if Republicans retake the House, they’ll go for more tax cuts for the rich that they’ll try to offset by making budget cuts to… wait for it… Medicare and Social Security. But what are they talking about? Crime, “open borders,” inflation, gas prices, transgenders, Critical Race Theory, and woke.

What are the Republicans’ plans to battle crime, “open borders,” inflation, gas prices, transgenders, Critical Race Theory, and woke?

First off, the borders are not open. Transgenders are not a problem. Critical Race Theory isn’t a thing in public schools. And woke? They can’t even tell you what that is. But what about battling that other stuff, crime, inflation, and high gas prices? They don’t have any plans. Ask them. It’s like asking them what’s in Hunter’s laptop. They don’t know.

The only plans Republicans have for when they return to power is to conduct multiple investigations and public hearings into bullshit and impeach President Biden. What do they have to impeach the president on? Nothing. That’s what they’re gonna use all those hearings for, to try to find something.

The Brits may be dumb enough to put conservatives in power, but they’re not dumb enough to give the PM job back to Boris. Unfortunately, we’re dumb enough to give Congress back to the GOP and maybe even dumb enough to give the White House back to Trump.

Americans are about to make a huge mistake our British cousins are smart enough to avoid.

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  1. Clay, considering Boris Johnson shows how low the Tories have fallen. I am actually embarrassed for them. The British people are clamoring for a vote so they can send a strong message to the Tories that is well earned. The message is clear you must govern better or get out.

    As for my old party the GOP in the US, we must not forget that party DID NOT vote on a platform at the 2020 Presidential convention in Charlotte. In essence, the platform was whatever Donald Trump wanted it. Scroll forward to 2022, and the closest they came to a platform is when Senator Rick Scott threw something together as he realized they did not have one and he was to lead the Senate reelection efforts. His scribbles were not passed by formal vote and got pushback.

    So, a very sober and legitimate question of every Republican candidate is – “Sir (or Ma’am), I hear you complaining about this issue and blaming Joe Biden and the Democrats for its existence, so what do you plan to do about it?” If no answer is forthcoming or it is not well-articulated, ask again. Another simple question is “If inflation is such a concern, why did you vote against the Inflation Reduction Act?”

    Thanks, Keith

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Yankees and Brits!! Really? … “The Brits may be dumb enough to put conservatives in power, but they’re not dumb enough to give the PM job back to Boris. Unfortunately, we’re dumb enough to give Congress back to the GOP and maybe even dumb enough to give the White House back to Trump.”


  3. To be honest, Clay almost all societies that have derived from the Briitish parluamentary system contain lummox-brained cituzens only too willing to give Conservative/Republican parties another and yet another chance to bullshit their way into power. They worship the wealthy at the expense of the people who have no wealth. They make heroes of money-hoarders, because they want to be money hoarders too. What they do not realize is that the more money that is hoarded, the less money there is for them to live on. Their chances of becoming money-hoarders are slim to none, but they do not give up. Please help them to understand, somehow, electing Republican/Conservative governments is kicking themselves in their own butts, and willingly opening their own wallets to allow the wealthy to steal their very-hard-earned money from them with nothing at all to show for it. The price of credit, interest, is paying dearly for absolutely nothing but fulfilling desires that are otherwuse unaffordable because the prices zre too high to begin with.


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