Roughs, Volume 159

I only drew a few roughs while in Louisiana on October 13 and 14, so I decided to combine them with the roughs drawn on October 20 and 21. That is why I didn’t post roughs last week.

I did another cartoon with Alex Jones begging on a street corner and later saw another cartoon with the same concept.

This is the cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter two weeks ago. I drew it in a hotel room in West Monroe, Louisiana.

I kinda liked this one but never got a chance to go with it. Looking at it for the first time in two weeks, I now wish I had made a real cartoon from it. Ya’ know, maybe I’ll just wait until Putin bombs another playground and use it then.

This one became an official cartoon which I think I drew in the same hotel room. Then, another cartoonist did a cartoon of a subpoena hidden in a KFC bucket.

This also became a real cartoon (I changed it a little) and yeah, it was also drawn in that same hotel room. I was there for five days.

The rest of these were drawn on October 20 and 21 and mostly focus on Liz Truss.

I liked this one but didn’t do it.

I kinda liked this one too but it wasn’t my favorite.

Yeah, this too.

This is the one that became the cartoon for last week’s CNN Opinion newsletter.

I did something else on Steve Bannon. I was already doing too much with the lettuce.

I was going to draw this one last week but other things got in the way.

This one became a real cartoon and then Boris pulled himself out of the running. Dammit.

This wasn’t a real contender.

Look! No lettuce.

Same cartoon but with a different punch line.

This one might be my favorite, and I didn’t do it. Shoot.

So, kids…which ones are your faves?

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Watch me draw:



      1. True enough. But referring to his claim Ukraine is full of Nazis and this is why he attacked, I thought calling children Nazis would show how But I like calling a spade a pointy shovel.insane he really is!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Clay, you have to do the ones with the drones. I also really liked the one with Trumpie and Alex Jones panhandling but would wait until he’s in the news again for refusing to pay the fines imposed.


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