Coyote Ugly

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is busing migrants to New York City and Washington, D.C. These migrants entered the United States through the Texas border with Mexico. Greg Abbott is blaming President Joe Biden for “open borders” despite the fact that until recently, Biden’s border policy was the same as Donald Trump’s.

Abbott has sent over 9,000 migrants to New York City and Washington, DC since “Operation Lone Star” began. He said in an August 19 press release, “Busing migrants out of Texas is a way to provide much-needed relief to our overwhelmed border communities.”

And that press release was the only warning the sanctuary cities received, proving this isn’t about humanitarian relief or providing relief to Texas’ border communities. This is a political stunt for Abbott and he’s using human beings running for their lives as political props. While the migrants will certainly do better under NYC Mayor Eric Adams than under Greg Abbott, the use of refugees as pawns should be cited as a human rights violation.

Imagine you wanted to build your reputation through a political stunt, such as kicking puppies and stealing candy from babies. Who in the world would you be trying to appeal to with those horrible actions? Assholes. You’d be seeking the love and approval of assholes. This is exactly what Abbott is doing. He’s appealing to goons. How do you get assholes to like you? By becoming an asshole.

This is just how low the Republican Party has devolved. Republicans love this stunt by Abbott. It has several things they hate. Abbott blames Biden, so there’s one box checked. He’s getting rid of brown immigrants which checks another box. And, he’s sending them to liberal cities in the north. Check, checkity, checkity, check. The only way he could make a stronger appeal to the asshole demographic would be to bus woke vegetarian school teachers along with the cast of “A League of Their Own,” the TV series (it’s full of lesbians).

Another huge sign this is a stunt is the name, “Operation Lone Star,” which was chosen because “Operation Check out my Big Texas Penis” might have been slightly over the top and I believe “Operation Yee-Haw” has been used by now.

Another sign this is more of an asshole move than one of humanitarian relief is the fact Abbot didn’t give NYC or DC any warnings. Of course, not letting the liberal cities know thousands of migrants were coming until they arrived is another way to appeal to the asshole base. It’s really owning the libs, at the expense of migrants of course.

Sure, we all have a good time springing our kids on their grandparents now and then, especially after giving the toddlers Red Bulls, but you wouldn’t leave them there if grandma was going to eat them (my grandparents were worse. They made me watch Lawrence Welk). Here, Texas does not care about these migrants. They’re pawns to own the libs.

New York City and Washington, D.C. aren’t mad at the arrival of migrants because of who they are. They’re annoyed at the burden Texas is throwing on them. NYC and DC are already diverse places and they’ll be fine. Most of these migrants are amazing people, the kind of people you want in your neighborhood. Our diversity is our nation’s greatest strength which is something Republicans don’t understand.

But it’s still a dick move. Probably because Greg Abbott, like most Republican governors, is a dick.

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  1. Clay’s commentary makes me wonder if there is anyone updating the feds on where these people are. How will the asylum seekers know if their case is coming up and will their case be in the NY or DC courts? Do they have to travel back to Texas??
    I think I have been too engrossed in all the Former Guy’s legal shenanigans which makes me think of these things.


  2. 9000 people sounds like an awful lot of buses. Where is Abbot getting them from? Who is paying for fuel? Is he providing food for the bus riders? And where in NYC and WDC is he sending them? Will he provide greeters for when they get there? This sounds like an all-around logistical nightmare to me. And hundreds of lawsuits against the State of Texas. Voters in Texas should kick his sorry ass out for a stunt like this.


  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Greg Abbot, Texas governor is a dick … “Abbott has sent over 9,000 migrants to New York City and Washington, DC since “Operation Lone Star” began. But it’s still a dick move. Probably because Greg Abbott, like most Republican governors, is a dick.”


  4. Yippie eye o kai yay! Can’t wait to see all the MAGAts storm down to Texas to replace the legal and illegal Hispanic farm workers so critical to their agricultural economy.


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