Trump Redacted

Republicans, MAGAts, goons, and troglodytes have been clamoring for the release of the affidavit that led to the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago earlier this month, believing it would prove the “raid” was political, personal, illegitimate, and illegal. You know, all the things they’ve claimed without any proof. And they got it.

Yesterday, the Justice Department released a redacted version of the affidavit that clearly spells out that the search warrant of Mar-a-Lago was entirely justified. Republicans of course are putting their bullshit spin on it.

Peter Navarro, who proudly helped Trump attempt to steal the election through a violent coup attempt, claimed it was…wait for it…”cancel culture.” Navarro, who was arrested on contempt of Congress charges for failing to honor a subpoena from the Jan. 6 committee, said, “Redacted means canceled.” No, it does not, you ass-kissing idiot. He further bullshitted with, “OK, so they canceled the affidavit. That’s the most beautiful I’ve ever seen there. That’s like the FBI in your face.” Keep in mind, this goon motherfucker tried to cancel democracy.

John Yoo, a former deputy assistant attorney general, must have heard Navarro’s description of the affidavit as “cancel culture” and thought to himself, I can out-stupid that, and went on Fox News and demanded that all the stolen classified documents the FBI siezed from Trump be…now wait for this shit…declassified.

Yoo said, “Why not declassify the documents they actually took from President Trump and show the public what they were? If the government really feels that this was a national security threat for President Trump to have them, then let’s see them in a sanitized form.”

Three things, one of them I can’t believe I have to explain: declassifying all the documents Trump stole is extremely dangerous, and you would know this if you read the affidavit. I thought Donald Trump had already declassified them. And, don’t you know declassifying them would devalue them on the spy market, thus leading to Trump not getting paid for his treason? That is, unless Trump already got paid. I mean, why did Jared get $2 billion from the Saudis?

Yoo’s stupid-ass call for the documents to be declassified shows that Donald Trump put some seriously unqualified idiots in the Justice Department.

These goons demanded that the search warrant be released. After they got it, showing it was justified, they moved the goal post to “release the affidavit.” Now that they have the affidavit, they’re screaming for the surveillance footage to be released, which Trump claims he has and is threatening to release but hasn’t yet.

These goons knew beforehand the released affidavit would contain a lot of redactions. They’re going to act surprised now? Their reactions show they shouldn’t have any involvement or opinions on classified information, intelligence, or the law.

Elise Stefanik displayed the lickspittle cult worship that earned her Liz Cheney’s leadership position saying, “The American people deserve transparency and not an outrageously, heavily-redacted affidavit to cover up for and politically protect Joe Biden and the FBI for this dangerous and un-American overreach.”

Stefanik promised that House Republicans will “hold Biden’s DOJ and FBI accountable for their blatant weaponization against their political rivals.”

Republican House goon Dan Bishop tweeted, “So much for transparency.”

Don Jr. snorted out a tweet saying the same thing, “So much for transparency.”

Andy Biggs, another House goon, said, “The American public deserves more transparency.”

Transparency, transparency, transparency. They love the word but I don’t think they know what it means.

You want transparency? Then ask Donald Trump why he took the documents. Ask Donald Trump what his plans were with the documents. Ask Donald Trump that if there was a standing order to declassify stuff he took to his residence, then produce the standing order. Sure, the “standing order” document is among those he took, right? If these documents really were declassified by Trump, why? Ask Donald Trump why he needed documents containing the names of CIA informants. Ask Donald Trump, how many foreign officials and nationals have skipped through Mar-a-Lago since January 2021. Ask Donald Trump to be transparent.

Also, since you guys are so horny for transparency, then have every Republican House member and Trump supporter testify before the Jan. 6 Committee they have asked for. Hmm?

Despite the redactions, the released affidavit shows exactly why the search warrant was acquired, granted, and why the search was conducted.

The affidavit shows that the National Archives and Department of Justice were seeking to retrieve documents Trump took, and believed Trump still had highly-classified documents after he returned 15 boxes. It shows a letter from Trump’s lawyers that show they knew he might still have some classified documents that did not belong to him.

The affidavit shows that after receiving a second batch, witnesses informed DOJ that Trump was still hoarding sensitive documents that didn’t belong to him.

It shows that in the first batch returned in January, agents found 184 documents that were marked classified, 92 of which were marked “SECRET” and 25 of which were marked “TOP SECRET.” This shows that at the very least, Trump stole and improperly stored classified documents.

The classification markings the documents carried suggested that some could reveal clandestine human intelligence sources and others were derived from national security surveillance. Some materials were marked “NOFORN,” meaning they cannot be legally shared with a foreign government, and others “SI,” an abbreviation for special technical and intelligence information related to surveillance of foreign communications.

In its request for a search warrant of Mar-a-Lago, DOJ wrote, there is “probable cause to believe that evidence of obstruction will be found.” Finding any documents after Trump and his lawyers said they had all been returned proves there was obstruction of justice and that they were all liars. Lawyers lose law licenses for lying. People go to jail for lying to the FBI.

The affidavit described classified documents being found in multiple locations around the golf resort where Trump, his aides, members, and guests mingle.

Some of the documents retrieved in January were marked “HCS,” for Human Intelligence Control System. Such documents have material that could possibly identify C.I.A. informants, meaning a general, sweeping declassification of them would have been, at best, misguided.

I ask again, why would Trump need or declassify such documents? Releasing the names of informants could set intelligence back years and get people killed. What are his reasons for possessing these documents that named informants?

Fun fact: During the Trump years, the CIA sent a memo to all of its bureaus and agents that there was a rise in informants being killed by their governments. Hmm. Wonder why that was.

Some of the documents were marked FISA, indicating information collected under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Glenn Gerstell, the former general counsel of the National Security Agency, said, “What this tells us is that there was possibly something from human beings, from spies, possibly something involving foreigners who are the only ones targeted under FISA and potentially there is very sophisticated sensitive information involved here.”

Gerstell explained (pay attention, goons), “One of the reasons they need to get these documents is to understand what is in there for the purpose of conducting a damage assessment. We have surveillance tapes and we will see who had access. But the government also needs to see the documents so they can know what might have been compromised.”

The affidavit clearly shows the search of Mar-a-Lago was justified. Republicans are complaining about the parts that are redacted while not reading and comprehending the parts that are not redacted.

Here’s what’s not redacted: Donald Trump is a seditious thief who broke the law and should be indicted and eventually placed in federal prison.

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  1. We the public are being teased right now. We can see enough evidence to put Trump behind bars, so why cannot the DOJ see what we see. If all people are equal before the law, why is Donald Trumpelstiltorangeskin still roaming the streets a free man?

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  2. John Yoo the author of the memo rebranding torture as “enhanced interrogation”. Yeah, I respect his “legal” opinions /s. Navarro always reminds me of someone who has been caught redhanded and just says stupid stuff trying to wriggle out of trouble.

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    You wanted it, you got it … in a ‘normal’ USA — “The affidavit clearly shows the search of Mar-a-Lago was justified. Republicans are complaining about the parts that are redacted while not reading and comprehending the parts that are not redacted. Here’s what’s not redacted: Trump is a seditious thief who broke the law and should be indicted and eventually placed in federal prison.”


  4. Oh, and here’s Don Jr’s tacky response to the redaction issue . . .

    Several years ago, when I sold my car to a dealer, I asked for a black marker to ‘redact’ my personal information from the maintenance records I was giving to them. Not ONE of the guys in the dealership knew what ‘redact’ meant; I’ll be they know now!


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