Threats to Democracy

The issues that are of most concern to voters heading into the midterms elections this November are the cost of living, jobs, economy, immigration, crime, and climate change. But, we have a new number one issue and that is…threats to democracy. Good.

Threats to our democracy should be the number one concern for voters. Usually, I’m afraid voters don’t understand what threatens our nation and they prove me right by freaking out over immigration or Critical Race Theory. It’s very encouraging that they at least understand there are threats to our democracy. I just hope they understand where the threats are coming from and who’s doing the threatening.

The economy is improving. We’re still adding more jobs. Inflation and gas prices are coming down. Still, President Biden’s approval ratings are still very low despite the fact he’s doing a good job. But, the enthusiasm gap has closed within two points between Democratic and Republican voters. I just hope enthusiasm is high for independent voters, and they don’t allow themselves to be bamboozled again by bullshit issues like Critical Race Theory.

Last year, Independent voters in Virginia showed they have a short attention span and within the span of a year, forgot that Republicans tried to destroy our democracy and voted for a lying Republican fucknut for governor, Glenn Youngkin. Now, he’s spying on teachers, working to cut the state’s education budget, and is ready to sign some abortion bans. He probably keeps a picture of Ron DeSantis on his nightstand.

Republicans will point at this latest poll and claim they’re the ones trying to save democracy, but that’s as much bullshit as their phrase “election integrity.”

Here’s the thing, kids: The only people taking away rights are Republicans. Who’s banning abortion?

Down in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis is trying to outlaw “wokeness,” despite it being his favorite word. Ron DeSantis is working to turn Florida into a fascist state as he’s banning speech and firing elected prosecutors. State laws says the local government has to pick up the tab after the state removed Disney’s special governing district, but DeSantis is going to ignore the law and send Disney the bill anyway. DeSantis has decided he’s the law in Florida. Now, he wants to be president.

If DeSantis becomes president, we’ll finally have our answer to the question, who can be a bigger fascist, DeSantis or Donald Trump?

Donald Trump stole government documents, many of them classified. He’s arguing he has privilege over these government documents and nobody else can see them, including the real president, Joe Biden. This is an attempt at fascism. Trump is acting like he’s still president. Mussolini also thought he was still the rightful leader of Italy after he was deposed (before his people did to him what Trump’s people wanted to do to Mike Pence).

This follows the insurrection on January 6, 2021. Republicans will tell you it wasn’t an insurrection, but it was a full-fledged coup attempt to make the loser of a free and fair democratic election a fascist dictator.

Donald Trump and Republicans have spent the past several years telling us democracy doesn’t work and we can’t trust elections. So, let’s not vote for Republicans.

Fortunately, as Donald Trump is screaming that the nation is upset his home was searched by the FBI because he stole shit, nearly 60 percent of Americans want the investigations (plural) into Trump to continue. Americans are not upset. Goons are upset. Goons who wanted to overthrow our government are upset. Trump stole government documents. These documents did not belong to him. Why did he want them? What were his plans for them? He tried to overturn an election. He refused a peaceful transfer of power. He still hasn’t conceded and still claims he won. He also points out he’s the Republican frontrunner, and this is true.

The fact Trump is the GOP frontrunner is proof Republicans are the greatest threat to American democracy. Because they can’t win fairly, they’re changing laws in multiple states making it harder for minorities to vote. If Republicans succeed in placing Donald Trump back into the White House or even elect DeSantis, I believe our democracy is over.

Even Republican attempts to make laws telling public schools what they can and can’t teach, wiping out history books and literature, are fascist moves. It’s propaganda and re-education.

American voters understand threats to democracy are the number one issue facing this nation. I hope voters see it’s Republicans, who are trying to keep millions of them from voting, who are the threats.

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  1. Disney needs to take the bill it receives from Desantis, soak it in Pluto piss, and send it back to Desantis while it’s still wet. Along with a copy of the state law and a cover letter signed by the army of attorneys at its disposal. Disney is way more important to Florida than the little Nazi.


  2. I tuink it is worse than propaganda and re-education. I would call it brainwashing! Maybe not in the usual sense, but certainly in a way that washes away the ability to use one’s brain in a self-sustaining way. Turn everyone into real bricks in a wall, or cogs on a wheel. Non-i dividuals. Pre-progammed Robots.


  3. The one poll I saw stated that whatever-percentage were ‘concerned about where the country was headed’. OK – does this mean that they don’t like where PRESIDENT Biden is taking us? OR does this mean that they don’t like where the rethuglicans are try to take us? That’s the trouble with statistics . . . no one clarified this. As Mark Twain supposedly said: Lies, lies and statistics.

    Until this is clarified, I won’t get too enthusiastic about folks supposedly seeing a ‘threat to democracy’. This ‘threat’ can be considered to be coming from either side, depending on your POV.

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  4. Clay, to me Dems should focus on the Inflation Protection Act and Pact Act as evidence of focusing on issues to help people. Of course, they are imperfect, but they move the ball forward in helping folks. The former helps with climate change, knocks off some of the federal deficit and extends health care subsidies for the ACA put in place to help people during the pandemic and the latter helps with our veterans who have suffered.

    To be honest, I see their competition focusing on restricting voting, denigrating people who don’t fit their definition of normal, and creating uproar over issues that are overstated. They are only mainstream as they have been made to be wedge issues. If they want people to pay attention to them, focus on helping people rather than denigrating folks.

    Again, these are the thoughts of an independent voter who has been a member of both parties.



  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Bottom line … “American voters understand threats to democracy are the number one issue facing this nation. I hope voters see it’s Republicans, who are trying to keep millions of them from voting, who are the threats.”


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