Grifter Recession

Republicans have spent the past three years or so worried about how much money Hunter Biden, the president’s son has made and where he’s made it. For the most part, all they have are conspiracy theories. They’ve been promoting a story about a supposed abandoned laptop of his while they can’t honestly say what’s on it that’s incriminating. They claim President Biden was in on the “corruption” as well despite the lack of any trails to it. They even complain about the money he made between 2017 and 2021, when Joe Biden wasn’t in office. But, they’re very quiet about Trump’s goon son-in-law Jared raking in $2 billion from the Saudis after his stint in Trump’s administration, where he spent most of his time cuddling with bone-saw aficionado Mohammed bin Salman.

Republicans claim that Hunter Biden never would have been put on the board of a Ukrainian gas company if he wasn’t the vice-president’s son, and they’re probably right. But, they ignore that Jared Kushner worked in the White House without any qualifications and actually took foreign bailouts for his businesses WHILE he was “serving” in the administration. It sounds like he only served himself.

Lately, Republicans have been leaving comments on my cartoons on this blog, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc, claiming Hillary Clinton and her campaign were fined for creating the “Russia hoax.” The truth is, the campaign was fined, not Hillary Clinton, and not for creating any hoax. The Clinton 2016 campaign was fined for how they labeled campaign expenses. They claimed the funds that paid for the Steele Dossier were “legal” expenses when they were not, though the payment did go to a law firm. It’s an issue of semantics. But as you can tell, Republicans don’t really care about the actual facts. For that matter, Republicans don’t actually care about corruption.

It’s like when they accuse Democrats of election fraud while Donald Trump is threatening Georgia’s secretary of state to “find him the votes.” Yeah, they don’t really care about lawbreaking either. Republicans only care about “who” is doing the wrongdoing.

All during the Trump administration, Donald Trump grifted. He grifted the taxpayers and violated the Emoluments Clause. He grifted foreign nations. He grifted his own supporters. Today, he’s still grifting taxpayers by living at his resorts (who do you think pays for his protective detail’s lodging?), but he’s mostly grifting his supporters. The thing is, his supporters are so sycophantic, that they’ll deny it while continuing to give him their money. They want punishment for sloppy accounting by the Clinton Campaign but they don’t want any accounting from Trump.

And they think by giving Donald Trump their money, that he’ll swoop in and end inflation, lower gas prices, and fix the markets and supply shortages, ignoring that Donald Trump is a huge part of why we’re where we are today.

First off, gas prices and supply chain shortages are international. President Joe Biden doesn’t control fuel prices in Sweden. The economy is still recovering from the pandemic that Donald Trump ignored. And gas prices keep climbing while oil companies are raking in record profits. Republicans aren’t asking the oil companies to sacrifice, are they?

Trump supporters think Donald Trump can fix it because in 2016 he said, “Only I can fix it.” But, fix what? Donald Trump has never fixed anything. Donald Trump destroys, He doesn’t create or repair. How many of his businesses have failed? Have you been to a Trump casino lately? He also inherited a booming economy created by President Barack Obama and guess what he did after that? He fucked it up.

When Donald Trump left office, he left with three million fewer jobs than when he came into office. Jimmy Carter didn’t do that. Trump left office with the worst job numbers since Herbert Hoover, who, like Donald Trump, is also rated as one of our worst presidents. You really have to be a cultist to want the guy back who created the worst economy since Herbert Hoover.

And you really have to be a sycophant to give Donald Trump money. I mean, who buys $15 straws? People who want straws with “MAGA” on them, that’s who. Spending $15 on straws that aren’t made from paper is really owning the libs. But guess what. This lib doesn’t care how you suck because you still suck.

Now, here’s the irony: Donald Trump is stealing money on the Big Lie the election was stolen. Naturally, Trump supporters are suckers for this. They’re the only ones who don’t see the irony.

In addition to proving Donald Trump and his cohorts tried to steal an election they knew they lost, the January 6 Committee has detailed how the Grifter-in-Chief used the lie to raise over $250 million from his MAGAts. Some say it’s closer to $400 million.

The $250 million Trump raised from his supporters was supposed to go into the “Official Election Defense Fund.” You may wanna sit down for this because it’s oh so not shocking at all, but the “Official Election Defense Fund” doesn’t exist. It’s like the Trump plan to replace Obamacare, or Trump’s infrastructure plan, or the promise he made not to play golf while president. Wait, I think that last one did exist but he wiped his ass with it.

No, there is no such thing as the “Official Election Defense Fund.” Instead of spending that money to defend the election Trump lost, or reinstate him, or whatever other bullshit they claimed to be fixing, the money went to Tump’s “Save America” super PAC, which was created shortly after the election. Committee member Zoe Lofgren has referred to it as the “big rip-off.”

Since the creation of Save America up until last April, the Super PAC has spent $4 million on Republican candidates’ campaigns. I don’t know if it’s worse that the money wasn’t supposed to go there or how greedy Trump has been with it.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James tweeted, “The new details revealed tonight related to January 6 are disturbing. It’s my duty to investigate allegations of fraud or potential misconduct in New York. This incident is no exception.” And it’s just one more incident. New York state has already dismantled Trump University and the Trump Foundation (a fake charity) for being outlets for Trump’s corruption. As Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen said, “Trump has made it very clear that he is grifting off of the American people.”

Lofgren pointed out, “If the litigation had stopped on Dec. 14, there would have been no fight to defend the election and no clear path to continue to raise millions of dollars.” The Big Lie isn’t just to steal an election and turn America into a fascist nation led by a Cheeto Potentate. It’s a money-raking scheme.

Supporters send Trump money to “defend” the election Trump knows he lost. They think that money is going into a defense fund that doesn’t actually exist, but instead goes into his Super PAC which then funnels the money into pro-Trump organizations which then spends much of it on Trump, Republican Party, and other assorted events hosted at…wait for it…Trump properties, where I’m sure they get really good rates for renting the convention rooms.

At one “Stop the Steal” rally funded by Turning Point Action, a pro-Trump group, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Don Jr’s girlfriend who’s probably best known as the screaming banshee from the 2020 GOP convention, was paid $60,000 for a three-minute speech introducing Don Jr. Turning Point is arguing that this money didn’t come from Trump’s fundraising, but from their own, while not explaining why they felt the need to give a screaming Republican banshee $60,000 for three minutes of ear-piercing banality.

Apparently, Trump corruption can be sexually transmitted.

If Donald Trump admits he lost the election or at least stops saying it was stolen, the money will stop coming in. I predict investigations into Trump’s corruption will continue through the next decade. I also think Trump corruption will continue throughout the next decade.

Music Note: I listened to Jackson Brown and Elton John while coloring this, which didn’t take very long.

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  1. He just can’t help himself from helping himself to other people’s money. It makes you wonder if he ever had any money of his own, aside from the money he grifted off his own father!

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    BEYOND IRONY … a fools and his money, or something like that — “Now, here’s the irony: Trump is stealing money on the Big Lie the election was stolen. Naturally, Trump supporters are suckers for this. They’re the only ones who don’t see the irony.

    In addition to proving Trump and his cohorts tried to steal an election they knew they lost, the January 6 Committee has detailed how the Grifter-in-Chief used the lie to raise over $250 million from his MAGAts. Some say it’s closer to $400 million.”


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