Checked-Out Princess

During the January 6 Committee’s live hearing on Thursday night, they played a clip of Ivanka Trump’s testimony. Donald Trump didn’t like it.

Donald Trump used the lie that he won the 2020 presidential election and was cheated out of it to instigate the attack on the Capitol. In doing so, he committed at least two crimes. He tried to overturn an election and he instigated a terrorist attack. The January 6 Committee has testimony that Donald Trump knew he lost the election despite saying otherwise.

The snippet of Ivanka’s testimony that was played showed her taking former Attorney General Bill Barr’s side over her father’s, that Trump lost the election.

Keep in mind that Barr spent most of his time as Attorney General protecting Trump. He dropped charges against Trump associates, went on TV shows to gaslight for Trump, told the world the Mueller Report exonerated Trump of collusion with Russia despite the fact it did NOT say anything like that, told journalists Russia wasn’t trying to help Trump in 2020 and that China and Iran were larger meddling threats in favor of Biden, testified and lied that Obama had spied on the Trump Campaign, and he even created a Special Counsel to investigate investigations of Trump that has been a total laughable failure so far. This is a man who campaigned for the job by going on news shows repeating Trump’s “Russia hoax” bullshit. Bill Barr is no NeverTrumper. This is a guy who spent his entire time as AG motorboating Trump’s ass cheeks. But even for a lap-poodle lickspittle toadie like Bill Barr, there’s only so much Trump bullshit tolerable. And that’s exactly how Barr described Trump’s election lies, as “bullshit.”

Donald Trump lost over 60 court cases trying to overturn the election. He and his goons tried to get states to send “alternate” electors to give the electoral votes Biden won to him. He threatened Georgia’s Secretary of State to “find him” the votes he needed to win the state. There is not one piece of evidence that Donald Trump won the election. He lost. He lost by nearly eight million votes. This is not debatable. Joe Biden won the presidency. So, it’s natural that not everybody in MAGA land is going to repeat the lie that Trump won. Ivanka Trump accepted her father’s defeat.

In her testimony, Ivanka referred to a public statement made by Bill Barr that Trump lost and the claims of widespread election fraud were “bullshit.” She said she “accepted” what he was saying because she “respected” Barr.

Let that soak in. Her father says he won the election. Bill Barr, who is NOT her father, says Trump lost. Ivanka said she went with the conclusion of the man she respected, the man who is NOT her father. It’s OK, Ivanka. I don’t respect Donald Trump either. While we’re at it, I have zero respect for Bill Barr, but he’s right this time. Trump lost.

Trump lashed out at his daughter and Bill Barr in a “truth.” A what? A truth? Yeah, on Truth Social, Trump’s failing social media site that’s a copy of Twitter, tweets are called “truths.” Of course, there is no truth-checking on Truth Social.

Trump truthed (sic), “Ivanka Trump was not involved in looking at, or studying, Election results. She had long since checked out and was, in my opinion, only trying to be respectful to Bill Barr and his position as Attorney General (he sucked!).”

Trump is correct. Bill Barr does suck.

So basically, Ivanka was trying to be respectful to the Attorney General but not to her father? Got it, Donald.

But it doesn’t matter if Ivanka had “checked out.” You didn’t have to be there to know Trump lost. I wasn’t in the White House and I know Trump lost. But, other people who were there testified that the data from the Trump Campaign said he lost and that it was reported to Trump.

Jason Miller, one of the gooniest of Trump goons, described a call that took place a few days after the election between Trump and Matt Oczkowski, a campaign data expert. Oczkowski told Trump on the call he was going to lose the election based on the election returns.

Miller reacted angrily to his testimony being exposed publicly, because he still resides in MAGA land, and argued that they only used a piece of his testimony and that Trump disagreed with Oczkowski because he was only using data and not bullshit conspiracy theories. How dare that data expert give the president (sic) an analysis of who won the election without factoring in all the bamboo ballots from China, Italian satellites, Hugo Chavez and George Soros manipulating the voting machines, all the ballots switched from Trump to Biden while not switching those of other Republican candidates, and not include all the bullshit from Rudy Guiliani and Sidney Powell.

Miller also argued that Oczkowski didn’t factor in all the lawsuits they were pursuing…before they lost all of them.

But, it doesn’t matter if Trump didn’t believe the facts he was told. He was still told the truth. And the real truth, not one of the Truth Social “truths.” People who had not “checked out” were telling him the truth, like Matt Oczkowski and Bill Barr.

In telling people that the election was stolen, Donald Trump was trying to steal the election. Donald Trump claims there was massive voter fraud but the biggest election fraud of the 2020 election was him trying to steal electoral votes and threatening a public official to “find him the votes.”

I’m glad Ivanka “checked out” of the White House because she never belonged there and neither did your skinny idiot husband. Her father didn’t belong there either, but he tried to stay in the White House despite losing an election.

What Trump should do is replace his princess with Marjorie Taylor Greene because she still hasn’t checked out from all the conspiratorial bullshit.

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  1. MTG would be a good daughter for the Orange Turd. He could lust after her without it being incest, or child abuse. It certainly would not be rape.


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Ivanka is no heroine! She’s as slimy as ALL of them!! She looked sickly and like a ‘dear caught in the headlights!! … “The snippet of Ivanka’s testimony that was played showed her taking former Attorney General Bill Barr’s side over her father’s, that Trump lost the election.”


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