Roughs, Volume 140

We have another decent-sized batch of roughs, kids. Ugh. This is a mixed batch as I think some are really good and others stink to high heaven. Each of these was drawn last Thursday and Friday, June 2 and 3. Let’s get it on.

I drew this one up before Joe Biden went on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and said Mitch McConnell is a “man of his word,” or some shit like that. I was going to make an official cartoon out of this but didn’t get around to it.

I was going to draw this too but I wasn’t in love with it. Maybe I didn’t do the Joe Biden one because I’ve been drawing too many TVs in bars cartoons.

This one became an official cartoon and it was a hit with social media and several print outlets. Honestly, I think I drew it just to draw corgis. Arf.

Glocks are expensive. I’ve looked into it. I liked the angle of desks around the teacher in this cartoon. I’m going to return to that. One reason I kicked this idea to the curb is that my last cartoon on teachers with guns went kinda viral. I was afraid this wouldn’t live up to it and yet, it’s probably going to be your fave in this batch.

This became an official cartoon. There’s something about the rough that I really like. It’s not just the art that’s more simplistic here, but the writing as well.

Remember, these were drawn a week before the primetime hearing. And Ivanka did turn out to be a witness. Also, giving Trump a bucket of popcorn isn’t right. If he’s gonna have a bucket of anything, it’s going to be chicken.

This isn’t very good and I knew there were going to be way too many popcorn jokes in cartoons for the coming week. There were and they all did well with reprints despite being sucky. When I hear a lot of people make the same joke or reference, I’m not going to do a cartoon with it.

This sucks. I’m not sure what I was going for here. I think the idea was that he’s watching the Wizard of Oz and thinks it’s the January 6 Committee’s primetime hearing, and there’s a witch so obviously, the investigation is a witch hunt and yeah, it sucks.

I did two cartoons on GOP distractions. One was for CNN and the other is this. This became an official cartoon for my newspapers. And as it turned out, there was a mass shooting on Thursday. And it’s another TV in a bar cartoon. I have a problem.

I didn’t know if anyone would remember this and it was even before my time. But Richard Nixon went on Laugh-In, a very popular TV show during his era. On the show, he said, as a question, “Sock it to me?”. That was the catchphrase of the show, I think.

I think this one is better but I still had doubts anyone would get it. And even if they did, that wouldn’t make it a good cartoon. So I shit-canned both of them.

I did this cartoon for CNN and readers seemed to really love it on social media.

This didn’t work since Trump wasn’t actually on TV during the hearings, but it made me chuckle for a second.

Which of these are your favorites?

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