Donuts and Do Nothing Nuts

A friend of mine who writes about cartoons and the issues they cover said everyone should basically hold their comments until we have certainty over what happened during the 90 minutes Texas police gave the Uvalde gunman free range to shoot elementary students. My friend wrote, “facts change.” Facts don’t change. What changes is what we know. What we know is that the Texas police who responded can’t get their story straight. What we are certain of is that the cops allowed a mass shooter 90 minutes to kill children.

The cops first said the gunman was confronted and shot at. Then they said he roamed around outside uninhibited for 12 minutes.

Governor Greg Abbott praised the “quick response” of “valiant local officials” who he said had engaged the gunman before he entered the school. He said cops “showed amazing courage by running toward gunfire,” which they did not do…at least for over an hour. Abbott showed “amazing courage” by pulling out of speaking at this weekend’s NRA gun party in Houston…three days after the shooting.

Eventually, it was a tactical unit of Border Patrol that went in and took out the killer who had murdered two teachers and 19 children. The police want us to know they’re traumatized by this. Texas Ranger Victor Escalon said, “we’re all hurting inside.” Sad face emoji.

According to the “official” timeline, at 11:28 AM Tuesday, the killer crashed the vehicle he stole from his grandmother after shooting her. The first emergency call came two minutes later as witnesses reported a man carrying a gun. The killer then shot at members of the public, roamed the school premises, and entered freely through an unlocked door at 11:40. Cops arrived four minutes after receiving the call…and sat around for 90 minutes.

I’m sorry. That’s not true. They did not sit around for 90 minutes. No, they spent that 90 minutes arresting and handcuffing parents outside who were demanding that the cops go into the elementary school and save their children. Seriously. The police has a SWAT team but they were too busy swatting parents.

While a gunman with an AR-15 was killing children, the cops chose to arrest their parents. Let that sink in.

Police initially said the officers were “inside making entry” and took cover after coming under heavy fire. This was revised on Thursday (two days later) by Mr. Texas Ranger Escalon. “They didn’t make entry immediately because of the gunfire they were receiving,” he said. That Chuck Norris Walker Texas Ranger show is full of shit.

Police also said the killer barricaded himself inside a classroom with teachers and students. They do not say what he used to barricade the doors, but they were NOT barricaded from entering the school. What objects are inside fourth-grade classrooms that can be used to create impenetrable barricades cops can’t break through? Whatever it is, I’m sure the NRA will use it to surround their Houston gun orgy this weekend, because no guns are getting in there.

Javier Cazares, whose daughter Jacklyn was killed in the attack, said “A lot of us were arguing with the police, ‘You all need to go in there. You all need to do your jobs’. Their response was, ‘We can’t do our jobs because you guys are interfering.'” Also, the parents weren’t shooting at them or had barricaded themselves behind a door with foot-tall wastebaskets.

Angeli Rose Gomez was arrested and handcuffed after jumping over the school fence to rescue her two children after police refused to. She said she saw one father thrown to the ground by an officer, another pepper-sprayed, and a third who was tasered. That is pretty much what you have to do to prevent good parents from saving their children from a mass shooter.

At this moment (while I write this), police are again revising their explanations and giving another press conference. These people are worse at giving honest answers than Ted Cruz disembarking a flight from Cancun.

And these cops’ response to a school shooting is almost as slow as the GOP’s. Maybe they too were waiting for instructions from the NRA.

Creative note: I changed this entire cartoon around after I started coloring. It originally had another point that consisted of two speech balloons from the children, and the labels on the cars were “cops.” But I then thought of what you’re seeing here and I felt it wasn’t just better, but a lot stronger. Despite starting around 7:30 AM, I was running late. And just as I started changing this cartoon around, a huge thunderstorm hit and created a brand new leak…right above my drawing table. So after lots of towels and lots of cursing, I was able to finally finish this cartoon and send it to my clients around 1 PM on a Friday. I was going to listen to some music while drawing but that didn’t happen. Did I mention there was lots of cursing?

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  1. Someone please arrest the cops for not doing their jobs! No one wants to get shot, but these cops were stopped from entering the school by their own “fears” while children already in the school were “terrified!” If the lives of the cops are more important than the lives of children, what the hell are they being paid for. There is healthy fear, and debilitating fear. If adults were suffering from that kind of fear, what were the children, and their teachers feeling!
    The cops should be charged with murder for every person killed while they were refusing to do their jobs!

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    #ACAB … I don’t trust anything cops say!! This confirms it even more!! … “And these cops’ response to a school shooting is almost as slow as the GOP’s. Maybe they too were waiting for instructions from the NRA.”


  3. I was always under the impression that Texas was inhabited by muscular, handsome, educated, well-trained, hunks in tight shirts, tighter blue jeans, and that they were all “Borned Again Chreeschuns” dedicated to the highest set of moral values possible, and that duty always comes first, and in a situation like this personal safety is always secondary to the mission of saving others …Now is there something I have missed or has something changed in the past few years? Is my favorite “Cowboy-To-The-Rescue” image forever sullied?


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