Sieg Heil Ohio

Question: If you believe it’s even slightly possible that someone could become America’s Hitler, then why would you want that person’s endorsement?

In 2016, JD Vance, the hedgefund author guy who wrote “Hillbilly Elegy,” texted his old college roommate telling him he thought Trump “might be America’s Hitler.” The lesser evil he envisioned was that Trump “might be a cynical asshole like Nixon,” which he wrote, “wouldn’t be that bad and might even prove useful.”

So for JD Vance, it was between the man responsible for the Holocaust and the corrupt racist antisemitic president who was forced by his own party to resign in disgrace from the presidency. JD Vance kinda got both. He got the racist antisemitic president whose own party should have forced him to resign and he got the fascist wannabe.

And whether we got Nixon or Hitler, JD Vance wanted that guy’s endorsement. He got it. The best way to get Trump’s endorsement is to kiss Trump’s ass. Since every GOP candidate was vying for Trump’s endorsement, JD Vance won the ass-kissing contest in addition to the nomination. You’re really good at ass-kissing if you can out ass-kiss the ass kissers.

JD Vance is like a lot of former Never Trumpers who attempt to whitewash their past criticisms of Trump. Marco Rubio insinuated that Donald Trump has a tiny penis. Ted Cruz called Trump a “sniveling coward” for insulting his wife and accusing his father of murder. Lindsey Graham refused to honor the pledge he took in 2016 to honor the eventual GOP nominee. All of them defended Donald Trump during BOTH impeachment trials after spending the entire Trump era attacking people for being Never Trumpers.

I know a conservative cartoonist who was a Never Trumper and posted daily his opposition to Trump’s campaign during the 2016 primaries. He was horrified that someone as vile as Trump could win his party’s nomination and vowed to never support Trump. He wrote in Ted Cruz during the general election, like that was less vile. Shortly after Trump’s regime began, this cartoonist’s posts stopped being critical of Trump and morphed into nice comments here and there until he became a full-blown Trump cultist attacking Never Trumpers. To him, being a Never Trumper was an unforgivable sin. He went back and deleted all of his anti-Trump posts as if they ever happened. Basically, he was erasing his own history which is the same thing JD Vance has done.

JD Vance tweeted a lot of bad things about Donald Trump and used words like “idiot,” “noxious” and “reprehensible” to describe him. Like the cartoonist I know, Vance has since deleted all those bad things about Trump.

So, what did Trump change about his principles for all these former Never Trumpers to become Trump cultists? Trump didn’t change anything. The former Never Trumpers either decided to abandon their principles, or the most likely thing is they realized they never actually had any.

Former Never Trumpers are cowards. They either change because they need something from Trump and his base, or they’re afraid of being on the outs with the cult.

JD Vance is now the Republican nominee for the Ohio senate race and the experts at the Institute for Politics at the University of Virginia has Ohio leaning his way. It’s possible Ohio is about to get a United States Senator who doesn’t have any principles.

If you accept the endorsement of a man you thought might become America’s Hitler, then you do not have any principles.

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  1. I would like to erase the orange one from the last 6 years, pretty soon we will be waking up thinking what the orange one did last night as every GOP’er is ass kissing the orange rind for the Grift. Wake up America or soon it will be toooooo late. Cheers

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  2. Clay, there is an excellent miniseries on PBS called “Ridley Road” which speaks of these kinds of efforts dating back to London in 1962. It is eerie. Keith

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