Pro-Rape Republicans

Ohio Republican congressman Jim Jordan tweeted that the story of a ten-year-old leaving Ohio to receive an abortion in Indiana was a lie. After it was confirmed to be true, he took the tweet down, then he lied.

Being that he’s a cheap lying despicable vulgar piece of crap without any shame, it was business as usual for Jordan, who many like to refer to as “Gym” Jordan after it was revealed he ignored sexual assault among the students he coached while he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State University.

Jordan’s first defense for the tweet was to point out the rape was committed by an undocumented immigrant. Then, he blamed the media, stating he was just commenting on one of their headlines which didn’t really make any sense and was another lie. Jordan was retweeting a report from conservative news outlet the Washington Examiner, which was reporting that Ohio’s Attorney General, Dave Yost, had yet to find any evidence that the claim was true, which was cited by President Biden. Jordan retweeted the report with the comment, “Another lie. Anyone surprised?”

Then, Jordan blamed President Biden claiming that doubting him is “usually the right thing to do,” despite the fact the president didn’t lie. Maybe Jordan was thinking of the last president (sic).

Jordan said he wasn’t calling the child a liar though he literally called the story “another lie.” He refused to apologize or express regret. Is anyone surprised?

After reading about this yesterday, I tweeted to Jordan that maybe he “thought the 10-year-old girl was lying about being raped because he thought she was a college wrestler.” A lot of my readers wanted me to make that my next cartoon, but I didn’t want Jordan to be the focus of it. The focus here belongs on all Republicans.

Republicans wanted this story to be false because it reveals the inhumanity of banning abortions. They believe cases of ten-year-old rape victims needing abortions would be extremely rare examples, yet we have one less than three weeks after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. In Ohio, abortions are banned after six weeks, even in cases of rape and incest. This child’s pregnancy from her rapist was at six weeks and three days.

Instead of pursuing the case, Ohio’s Attorney General, Dave Yost, chose to go on TV and deny it existed. He told Fox News, ““We have regular contact with prosecutors and local police and sheriffs—not a whisper anywhere.” This was 11 days AFTER the Indianapolis Star reported that Dr. Caitlin Bernard of Indiana had performed an abortion for a ten-year-old rape victim from Ohio who could not legally terminate the pregnancy in the child’s home state. And three days after Biden spoke passionately about the case at the White House, saying, “She was forced to have to travel out of the state to Indiana to seek to terminate the pregnancy and maybe save her life. Ten years old—ten years old!—raped, six weeks pregnant, already traumatized, was forced to travel to another state.”

Yost told another news outlet, “Every day that goes by, the more likely that this is a fabrication. I’m not saying it could not have happened. What I’m saying to you is there is not a damn scintilla of evidence. And shame on the Indianapolis paper that ran this thing on a single source who has an obvious ax to grind.”

Instead of going on TV and calling the story a lie, Yost could have simply walked the six blocks from his office in the state capital to the headquarters of the Columbus Police and peeked inside their crime reports. If he had done so, he would have found that the Columbus police had received a report of a ten-year-old rape victim in the same time frame reported by the newspaper.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, and Jesse Waters all called it either a “lie,” a “hoax” or “Biden’s abortion story.” After it turned out to be true, they all shifted their focus on the rapist’s immigration status in order to deflect from the fact they were all wrong and to cast blame for the rape on President Biden’s “open borders” policy. Jesse Waters even took credit for the arrest, as though it wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t on TV calling it a lie.

After the rapist was arrested, Tucker still said the facts “didn’t make sense.”

There is no real surprise that there’s no accountability at Fox News, but what about The Wall Street Journal? Well, they are owned by the same company.

The Wall Street Journal cast doubts on the story in an editorial titled, ““An Abortion Story Too Good to Confirm.” Yeah, but it was confirmed. The Journal wrote, “All kinds of fanciful tales travel far on social media these days, but you don’t expect them to get a hearing at the White House.” Actually, we got used to it during the Trump administration. Remember “migrant caravans?”

The Journal also wrote, “There’s no evidence the girl exists,” and dismissed the word of the doctor involved in the case: “You may not be surprised to learn that Dr. Bernard has a long history of abortion activism in the media.” You may not be surprised to learn that conservatives make shitty journalists. In the future, you can say the Journal has a long history of being chock full of bullshit.

After discovering they were wrong, the Journal added an editor’s note at the bottom of the editorial which should have read, “Yeah, every line you just read and got gleeful over…yeah…that was a bunch of bullshit. Our bad.” Realizing an editor’s note wasn’t good enough, or that it’s not what responsible journalists do with such a huge fuck up, they wrote an entirely new editorial. Was it about how much they suck? Nope.

The Journal wrote a new editorial titled, “Correcting the Record on a Rape Case,” and blamed law enforcement for not coming forward with the information. The Journal never apologized or admitted it was at fault for publishing misinformation. They never owned it or apologized to the family of the rape victim.

The thing is, it’s not law enforcement’s job to report. It’s the news outlet’s job to get the information, especially from law enforcement which has a history of suppressing information and lying. You do that by asking questions and probing. The Journal didn’t do that. Instead, it followed the lead of other conservative news outlets in casting doubt and calling a ten-year-old rape victim a liar. While not having any proof of the existence of a ten-year-old rape victim, none of these outlets bothered to find out if what the president of the United States was talking about was true or not. The fact that a ten-year-old girl was raped in Colombus, Ohio in the time period the Indiana doctor reported was very easy to discover. None of these conservative news outlets or Ohio’s idiot MAGAt Attorney General or its Trumper dumbass congressman with the weird chin and shoulders bothered to check before calling it a lie.

Now, Indiana’s Attorney General wants to investigate the doctor who performed the abortion. To him and other Republicans, she’s committed a larger violation to the ten-year-old’s body than the rapist did. Isn’t one dumbass right-wing fucknut state attorney general in the midwest enough?

And you know what else is true? MAGAts on the internet are going to continue to call it a lie. You know that will happen if it’s not going on already. And if they do accept she was raped, they’ll probably claim the immigrant did it with Hunter Biden and there are photos on his laptop proving it. Dammit, I gotta stop writing material for these goons.

What else is true is that these cases are going to continue to happen. This is why Republicans are trying to shift focus now, now just from their lies but from the fact that not allowing incest and rape victims, even those as young as ten years old, to have abortions is a horrifying policy.

Forcing a child to give birth to her rapist’s baby isn’t pro-life. It’s pro-birth and it’s inhumane. A lawyer for National Right to Life said this rape victim should have been forced to have the baby. Most Republicans don’t want to say that out loud, though they actually agree with it. They’d rather scream about Joe Biden, the media, and brown immigrants and hope you don’t notice that a child was forced to give birth to a rapist’s baby because abortions were banned in her state.

All these news outlets, Ohio’s shitty stupid attorney general, and its shitty stupid congressman owe the rape victim and her family an apology. Instead, they’ll probably just gaslight while creating new laws making it illegal to leave the state for an abortion.

If Republicans retake the House, Jim Jordan will most likely be the chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

As I said, we’re going to see a lot of repeats of this story.

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Sieg Heil Ohio

Question: If you believe it’s even slightly possible that someone could become America’s Hitler, then why would you want that person’s endorsement?

In 2016, JD Vance, the hedgefund author guy who wrote “Hillbilly Elegy,” texted his old college roommate telling him he thought Trump “might be America’s Hitler.” The lesser evil he envisioned was that Trump “might be a cynical asshole like Nixon,” which he wrote, “wouldn’t be that bad and might even prove useful.”

So for JD Vance, it was between the man responsible for the Holocaust and the corrupt racist antisemitic president who was forced by his own party to resign in disgrace from the presidency. JD Vance kinda got both. He got the racist antisemitic president whose own party should have forced him to resign and he got the fascist wannabe.

And whether we got Nixon or Hitler, JD Vance wanted that guy’s endorsement. He got it. The best way to get Trump’s endorsement is to kiss Trump’s ass. Since every GOP candidate was vying for Trump’s endorsement, JD Vance won the ass-kissing contest in addition to the nomination. You’re really good at ass-kissing if you can out ass-kiss the ass kissers.

JD Vance is like a lot of former Never Trumpers who attempt to whitewash their past criticisms of Trump. Marco Rubio insinuated that Donald Trump has a tiny penis. Ted Cruz called Trump a “sniveling coward” for insulting his wife and accusing his father of murder. Lindsey Graham refused to honor the pledge he took in 2016 to honor the eventual GOP nominee. All of them defended Donald Trump during BOTH impeachment trials after spending the entire Trump era attacking people for being Never Trumpers.

I know a conservative cartoonist who was a Never Trumper and posted daily his opposition to Trump’s campaign during the 2016 primaries. He was horrified that someone as vile as Trump could win his party’s nomination and vowed to never support Trump. He wrote in Ted Cruz during the general election, like that was less vile. Shortly after Trump’s regime began, this cartoonist’s posts stopped being critical of Trump and morphed into nice comments here and there until he became a full-blown Trump cultist attacking Never Trumpers. To him, being a Never Trumper was an unforgivable sin. He went back and deleted all of his anti-Trump posts as if they ever happened. Basically, he was erasing his own history which is the same thing JD Vance has done.

JD Vance tweeted a lot of bad things about Donald Trump and used words like “idiot,” “noxious” and “reprehensible” to describe him. Like the cartoonist I know, Vance has since deleted all those bad things about Trump.

So, what did Trump change about his principles for all these former Never Trumpers to become Trump cultists? Trump didn’t change anything. The former Never Trumpers either decided to abandon their principles, or the most likely thing is they realized they never actually had any.

Former Never Trumpers are cowards. They either change because they need something from Trump and his base, or they’re afraid of being on the outs with the cult.

JD Vance is now the Republican nominee for the Ohio senate race and the experts at the Institute for Politics at the University of Virginia has Ohio leaning his way. It’s possible Ohio is about to get a United States Senator who doesn’t have any principles.

If you accept the endorsement of a man you thought might become America’s Hitler, then you do not have any principles.

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No Justice For Tamir


Prosecutors usually prosecute. That’s their job. When it comes to prosecuting police, some act more like defense lawyers.

Cleveland police shot 12-year-0ld Tamir Rice within two seconds of stopping their cruiser a few feet from him. Rice was playing in a park with a toy gun. A citizen called the police and said he thought the person with a gun was a juvenile and the gun could be a toy. The dispatcher didn’t convey either of those points to the responding officers.

Prosecutors usually work closely with police. So when it comes time to see if they should be charged for shooting someone, the prosecutor can be resistant. That’s what happened in Ferguson.

Prosecutors put together a grand jury and they control the process and the information the jurors are exposed to. California, realizing there could be conflicts of interest, doesn’t allow grand juries to make decisions on charging the police in shootings. In the Cleveland case, the prosecutor brought in witnesses and evidence that pointed toward it being a “perfect storm of human error.” Tamir Rice’s mother described it more as a sabotage.

The defense centers on the police mistaking the fake gun as a real gun. But even then, should police shoot someone within two seconds? Tamir was playing with a toy gun. Some police shouldn’t be playing with real ones.

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Go Tell It On The Mountain


“Man, I love putting a lot of words in a cartoon” said no cartoonist ever. I take that back. I think those cartoonists who draw for alternative weeklies love putting more words into their cartoons instead of art. It’s their thing. The reason I’m not crazy about a lot of words in a cartoon is that it’s a lot of work that’s tedious. Plus, I think most people are lazy and stop reading when there’s too many words. I know I do. At least I didn’t draw a mountain and label it “debt” which I saw in two cartoons today or call it “Mt. Denial” which I saw in about 48 cartoons today.

Obama has officially renamed Mt. McKinley in Alaska Mt. Denali.

Republicans howled in protest faster than they could pull up Wikipedia to find out just who the Hell is William McKinley.

Here’s a brief history of the dispute:

Mt. Denali in Alaska is the highest mountain peak in North America. It’s taller than that pile of stuff coming from Donald Trump (the rest of the blog won’t rely on such a lame joke). It is the third most prominent peak in the world. For centuries the Koyukon Athabaskans who inhabit the area have referred to it as Denali. In 1896 a gold prospector named it McKinley. William McKinley was a presidential candidate at that time and eventually went on to become the 25th president of the United States. Eventually the federal government recognized it as McKinley. In 1975 the Alaskan state government changed it back to Denali, which is what everybody local called it anyway.

There have been bills in Congress to change it back to Denali but Republicans from Ohio have blocked it. How dare they change something back so historic.

Considering the age of mountains, a hundred years is a blip in time. There is nothing historic about that mountain and William McKinley. McKinley never climbed the mountain. He never saw the mountain. He never even visited the state of Alaska. But suddenly Republicans are running to the defense of William McKinley having his name on a mountain that maybe he heard of.

McKinley wasn’t a bad guy. He was president during the Spanish American War. He made Teddy Roosevelt his V.P. He was assassinated and not by a Koyukon Athabaskan. I’m sure there’s all sorts of things in Ohio, where he’s from, that can be named after him. I’m just John Boehner would love spending hours laying in the William McKinley Tanning Bed (I lied about no more lame jokes). I just don’t see why people are upset that someone removed his name from a mountain in Alaska.

With the Republicans fake outrage over this, you would think it was Obama who changed the name…oh yeah right.

Republicans are fun with names. Currently they’re on a mission naming things after Ronald Reagan. There’s actually an organization whose existence is based on naming stuff after Ronald Reagan. In fact, their mission is have at least one notable landmark in each state and all 3067 counties named after Reagan. The organization is called The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project.

There are schools, roads, parks, buildings, etc. named after Reagan. I dated a girl once who had a daughter later (way after dating me) and guess what she named her. Yup. Reagan! I know a very conservative racist-homphobic-sexist artist and guess his wife’s name. Yup again. Regan! Did he Craigslist that shit?

There’s an aircraft carrier named after Reagan. The airport in Washington used to be the Washington National Airport. Now it’s the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. That one is kind of a stick in the eye to aircraft workers since Reagan once laid off the nation’s flight controllers. Congress changed the name of the metro station at the airport to Reagan and the metro board fought it until Republicans threatened to withhold funding. Nice. They even want that funding, as in currency, to bear Reagan’s likeness.

Now they want to name the Pentagon after Reagan. There’s a movement to name the International Space Station after Reagan. It’s like they don’t understand the word “international.”

If only there was a mountain named after Reagan…oh wait.

Mt. Reagan is in New Hampshire except it’s not officially Mt. Reagan. The state legislature named it after Reagan in 2003 but the U.S. Board On Geographic Names (which has not been renamed after Reagan…yet) still lists it as Mt. Clay.

Mt. Clay. I think they should stick with that.