Roughs, Volume 134

Can you believe it’s been three weeks since I last blogged a collection of roughs? That doesn’t mean I haven’t been drawing them. This batch contains all the roughs from the prior week, two from the week before that, and one from last January. Wowsies. Let’s get going.

This was from two weeks ago when after a crazy Trump judge ruled the government can’t impose mask mandates for planes and trains, and you’re free now to get jam-picked into a tin can with heavy breathing sweaty nasty humans. Ew. Humans.

I roughed this one out last January and saved it for when SCOTUS eventually got around to banning abortion. See? I didn’t just know they were going to do that but cult justice Amy Coney Barrett would be in the majority killing wome’s rights.

This is from three weeks ago and became the cartoon for that week’s CNN Opinion newsletter.

This was sent to my editor with the Elon space cartoon. Yes, it was Easter week. I clicked the “background color” layer in Procreate for the first time to see what it would do. I didn’t like it.

This one didn’t start out as a rough. It started as the cartoon for that day but I changed my mind halfway through it. I almost came back just to finish the rough so you could see where I was going with this, but I got busy. The second panel was going to be based in Florida with a child telling on a teacher to DeSantis for supporting gay rights.

I actually like this one and planned to draw it. I wasn’t worried about offending my friends at CNN because they can handle it. What I didn’t want to do was add to all the right-wing gloating. The last thing I would have wanted would have been Tucker Carlson airing it on his show. Ugh.

This was drawn after the Supreme Court order against Puerto Ricans denying them rights other Americans have.

This was from two weeks ago and it took me a week to make an official cartoon of it.

This became an official cartoon.

This became a cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter. I think my readers liked it more than I did.

I took several shots at the travel face mask ruling and we didn’t use any of them. That’s OK because I didn’t like any of them.

I liked the concept of this one but I never got it to work out well.

This is a prediction I’m basing on the fact that it’s already happening on the ground. Watch the video of Ron DeSantis bullying students.

I think a no-MAGA section would be a fantastic idea. Some airlines, like the assholes at Frontier, would charge you extra for it.

Thanks for reading the sloppy roughs, kids. Which ones are your faves?

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  1. Second to last comic: I experienced something like that last October. I went to a wedding for a Democratic friend and expected everyone to be masked up, due to raging Delta and a comment she’d made in an e-mail. But I get there and almost nobody is masked. In the receiving line I felt singled out as a germophobe by the bride, groom, even my own hubby…. I was simply following CDC guidelines–especially a good thing since I had the J&J and by then it was probably close to useless. They’re joking about doing the elbow-bump instead of hand-shaking when actually, I wasn’t going to shake anybody’s hand anyway, since I’ve always hated that weird practice. Then the hubby makes a big show of shaking their hands. It was humiliating.

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