Trumping Burning Flushing

Donald Trump claims he doesn’t know what a burner phone is. His former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, said he knows exactly what a “boner” phone is and they had many conversations regarding the administration using “boner” phones.

Maybe that’s the truth. Donald Trump thought he and Bolton were talking about “boner” phones and not “burner” phones. I can honestly tell you that I don’t know what a “boner” phone is. Is it a cellphone used exclusively to send people photos of your junk? Does Brett Favre have one? I guess that would be a boner phone you’d want to burn.

White House logs, not to be confused with a log you’d take a photo of with your boner phone, reveal that on January 6, 2021, while the Capitol building was being attacked by Trump’s white nationalist terrorist goons, Donald Trump didn’t call anyone for seven hours and 38 minutes. Despite what the logs say that have been turned over to the House committee investigating Trump’s terrorist attack, he called House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Vice-President (sic) Mike Pence (who the crowd was trying to hang with the noose they brought), and Senator and noted dumbass Tommy Tuberville. Donald Trump was calling people but he wasn’t using the White House phones, probably because he didn’t want any of his calls on record.

I’m not talking about the calls to McCarthy, Pence, or Senator Dumbass. I’m talking about the calls Donald Trump made that we don’t know about. Who else did he call? What was he organizing? Did he call the goon counsel set up in a nearby hotel that had planned out and orchestrated the attack? Was he calling Congressman Jim Jordan for Jordan to later say, “I don’t know when we talked”? Was he calling Miss Chloe, the 1-800 pyschic to see if she thought he’d be reinstated? Was he calling to see if the terrorists had enough rope to hang Mike Pence? Was he calling Putin to tell him he’s a genius? Was he calling more secretaries of state to tell them to “find the votes”? Was he calling Mar-a-Lago to tell them to install the new MAGA-load power toilets so he wouldn’t have to flush classified documents and criminal evidence 15 times? Maybe Donald Trump was calling one of those places that cashes checks, gives out payday loans with a 400 percent interest rate, gives out cash for car titles, and sells burner phones…so he could order more burner phones.

Remember that Jared Kushner went to the Russians to establish a back-channel for secret communications the CIA couldn’t track. Do you think Jared did that on his own? It’s the same idea as using burner phones.

A burner phone is a cheap phone that anyone can get. You don’t need a credit card to secure the account. You buy the phone, the number, and the minutes. It’s something criminals use to organize crimes, then throw away. In 2018, The New York Times reported that Donald Trump had as many as three iPhones at a time to contact people…that were not connected to the government. That means these things weren’t even secured and every time Donald Trump was using one, someone nefarious was listening in…in addition to nefarious Trump and the nefarious person he was calling. And Republicans lost their shit over Hillary’s server.

Donald Trump is corrupt. While conservatives are losing their minds over a laptop that may or may not belong to Hunter Biden that they have no clue to what its relevance to anything is, they forget that Donald Trump is a crook. Oh, Hunter Biden made deals in Moscow? Donald Trump made deals in Moscow and even attempted to bribe Vladimir Putin. Oh, you don’t like that Hunter got jobs and deals based on his father’s office? Jared Kushner got bail outs from foreign nations for his shitty buildings in Manhattan while Trump was president and he was playing Secretary of State. Hunter Biden is being investigated for not paying taxes, and NOT being investigated for being a laptop owner. Donald Trump is also being investigated for not paying taxes. Donald Trump is also being investigated for a lot of other devious shit.

Donald Trump fabricated the values of his property for loans and in tax filings. He would literally lie about how many floors a building had, hoping nobody would get in the elevator and count the buttons.

Donald Trump ran a fake charity which he used as a political campaign tool. The man took other people’s donations to his charity and bought souvenirs for himself, like paintings of himself. Trump has been banned from operating a charity in the state of New York because of the corruption with the Trump Foundation. The Clinton Foundation has never been found to be corrupt or dishonest in any way and is still operating and functioning as an actual legitimate charity and not a slush fund for its namesake.

Donald Trump ran a fake university, was sued, and later settled to pay his former “students” $25 million, which he did not pay. A friend of his, a business partner in his Las Vegas hotel, paid the $25 million. I’m not aware of why someone giving the president (sic) of the United States $28 million (I guess that extra $3 million was a bonus) isn’t currently being investigated because it sounds like a bribe. Keep in mind, Jimmy Carter sold his peanut farm after winning the presidency to avoid the appearance of conflict. If Donald Trump had owned a peanut farm, every Saudi diplomat and Republican would be eating a shit ton of peanuts.

Speaking of, Donald Trump kept all his businesses operating, which of course received tons of foreign investments. His hotel in Washington was the hot spot for Republicans and foreign diplomats. One of his cabinet members tried to buy a mattress from the Trump Hotel because it’s apparently the only place in Washington, D.C. where a person can get a decent used mattress that thousands of goons had slept on. William Barr once rented the banquet room of the Trump Hotel for a party, while he was the Attorney General. Rudy Giuliani did most of his goon plotting with Igor and Lev at the Trump Hotel bar. Trump tried to prevent the site of the FBI building from becoming a hotel because it would compete against his hotel. Also, the Trump Hotel is on government property Trump is leasing, which made Donald Trump his own landlord. But I’m sure there was never a conflict of interest.

Donald Trump played a lot of golf at a lot of resorts while president. Of course, he owned each resort he went to which forced the government to pay him for him to stay at his own resorts. The guy even charged the Secret Service rental fees for golf carts so they could protect him. He literally charged the government to protect him. He’s still doing it today as he hasn’t refused Secret Service protection.

Remember how Trump supporters boasted that he donated his salary? Of course, he was also raking in millions from staying at his own properties. He raked in millions from foreigners and Republicans staying at his properties (the Saudis would rent rooms at various Trump Hotels but not stay in them). He’s raking in millions because every dollar donated to his campaigns goes right back into the Trump Organization because every campaign event is held at a Trump property. Is Trump donating back his government pension? I haven’t heard that he is. Has he refused the office allowance given to former presidents (sic)? No. Do you know what the limit is on the office expense? There isn’t one. We’re still giving Donald Trump a blank check.

I guarantee that when Donald Trump builds his presidential (sic) library, it will be on property he owns.

On top of all that, we still don’t know where all the money went that was donated to the Trump Inaugural Committee. It didn’t cost $107 million for a tractor parade and Three Doors Down.

Do you hear the idiots upset over Hunter’s laptop asking anything about Donald Trump taking government documents to his golf resort with him? Do you hear them ask about him flushing documents? Do you hear them asking about Trump’s use of burner phones?

There’s not a lot John Bolton has ever been right about, but other than the boner part, he had it right when he said, “Criminal gangs in the United States use burner phones. Terrorists around the world use boner…burner phones.”

Donald Trump is a criminal, his organization and family are his criminal gang, and he’s a terrorist leader who ordered a terrorist attack against the government. We need to find the evidence from his burner phones so we can gather the evidence around his terrorist attack and send the boner-head to prison.

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    Time doesn’t stop … the clock is ticking!! … “Trump is a criminal, his organization and family is his criminal gang, and he’s a terrorist leader who ordered a terrorist attack against the government. We need to find the evidence from his burner phones so we can gather the evidence around his terrorist attack and send the boner-head to prison.”


  2. I especially love the details in this cartoon… the sign on the door, the photo on the toilet tank, the plumber’s crack. I’ll pull out this blog every time my one “T” fan starts yammering.


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